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The beaches on the island of Poros are almost all pebble beaches or a combination of sand and pebbles and they are mainly located on the south coast.

Kanali Beach is situated not far from the bridge that connects the two islands of Poros, at about 2 km from Poros Town. This is a small beach with pebbles and sand and you will find all the amenities. There are parasols and sunbeds for hire and there are taverns where you can get a drink or something to eat.

Askeli Beach is a large organized sandy beach which is situated about 3 km away north-east of Poros Town. This is the longest beach of the island and you will find all the facilities (parasols, chairs etc). Askeli Beach has a regular bus service to the main town of Poros Town.

Panagitsa Beach is a small beach next to the beach is Askeli. It is a picturesque beach surrounded by beautiful trees and just before the beach is a small church. A path leads from the beach up to a monastery.

Monastery Beach is a slightly quieter beach on the east side of the island, about 5 km from the capital. Again there are parasols and sunbeds for rent and there are taverns to eat and to drink. Like to Askeli it is linked to Poros Town by bus. The beach is named after the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi which is behind the beach.

Vagionia Beach is located in the north of the island at 8 km distance from Poros Town. On the seabed at a few meters from the beach you can see a sunken ancient Greek city. Foundations and roads are clearly visible. Vagionia is a beach with pebbles and sand and is a popular place for fishing and diving. The valley that surrounds the beach is nice and green and there are lots of lemon trees. There is no bus to this beach and you can therefore only get there by car or by foot. In high season there is a small cantina where you can buy a drink, but maybe it is still advisable to bring some water if you go to this beach.

Perlia Beach is one kilometer west of Poros Town. It lies between Kanali Beach and Neorio Beach, opposite the port of Poros Town. The beach is easily reached on foot, but there is also a bus connection. On this beach you will also find taverns and other facilities.

Neorio Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It lies west of Poros Town at about 2 or 3 kilometers away. It actually consists of two beaches: Megalo (large) Neorio and Micro (small) Neorio. The beach is surrounded by tall pines that reach to the sea. You can go water skiing and do other water sports. On Neorio Beach there are all kinds of facilities. Also this beach has a bus service to Poros Town.

Russian Bay Beach is situated in a bay in the southwest of the island of Poros at about 5 km away from the capital. Opposite the beach are the small islands Daskalio Gerolimenas. It is a quiet sandy beach which is well protected from the wind. Russian Bay Beach is a historic site because the first Russian ships which helped the Greeks in the revolution against the Turkish occupation were moored here. Once every hour there is bus from Poros Town to this beach.

Love Bay Beach is situated just west of Russian Bay Beach. The beach consists of white pebbles and sand. You can find shade under the trees around the beach. As to Russian Bay Beach there is an hourly bus thatgoes to this beach.

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