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Naturist Beaches of the Messinian County, the Peloponnese

There are no official naturist beaches in the Peloponnese, but many of the beaches are quiet enough to go naked and some are frequented by quite a few naturists and have been for many years.

Velikas Beach, Peloponnese Velikas Beach: a glorious long sweep of sand at the head of the Messinian bay with wonderful views of the Taygetos Mountains and the Messinian County. There is a beach bar in high season, but if you walk away from it in either direction you will soon have the beach to yourself and be happy to swim and sunbathe naked. It is a wide sandy beach backed by farmland with some shingle at the waterís edge. There are two streams that enter the sea on this beach. There is a small naturist holiday resort nearby, Fig Leaf Villas, and the owners, Cliff and Quee, will be happy to give any further directions and details on this and all the beaches of the Messinian County.

Helonaria Beach, Peloponnese Helonaria Beach: just before you enter the village of Chrani from Kalamaki, there is a small beach accessed by a path through a small field and some steep but climbable rocks. This beach is a mix of sand and shingle and is excellent for snorkeling, it is usually your own private beach although very occasionally locals will visit the beach, but donít seem to be offended by naturists, indeed some of them will join you!

Beach Near Chrani, Peloponnese Beach Near Chrani: this lovely little beach is usually perfect for naturist sunbathing and swimming. It is a mix of sand and shingle with natural shrubs at the back of the beach. It does not have a name that we know of, but is situated between Chrani and Episkopi on the east coast of the Messinian County and is always very quiet.

Chrisiamos Beach, Peloponnese Anemomilos Beach: this beach is near Finkounda on the south coast of the Messinian County and is a wonderful large sandy beach with dunes at the back where youíll find wild herbs and white sea daffodils late in the summer. The central section of the beach is usually peopled by several groups of naturists and the textiles who sometimes walk past the area donít seem to have a problem with the naturists. It is a very beautiful beach with lovely views of the islands and peninsulas.

Anemomilos Beach, Peloponnese Chrisiamos Beach: this beach is just south of Gialova on the west coast of the Messinian County. It is situated at the Northern end of Navarino Bay with beautiful views across the bay to Pylos. Outside of July and August there are usually naturists to be found on this beach of fine sand, which is at the very end of the small road that follows around the bay. It is a site of natural interest as there is a lagoon behind the beach with many birds of interest, and the only population of chamaeleons in Greece in the wild land- of course you never see them, theyíre very good at what they do!!

Romanos Beach, Peloponnese Romanos Beach: perhaps the widest and sandiest beach in the whole area! The sand is a wonderful shade of deep golden and very abundant. The beach has been used by naturists traditionally for many years, you will find groups of them just beyond the river bed which is usually dry in the summer.

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