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The beaches on the island of Paxos in Greece

Paxos has plenty of beaches in different sizes. Most of these beaches are on the more sheltered east coast of the island and consist of pebbles or a combination of pebbles and sand. Some of these beaches can only be reached by boat, but others can be reached by car or on foot. The west coast has fewer beaches and these beaches can only be reached by boat. On only a few of the beaches of Paxos you can rent parasols and sunbeds, on almost all the others you can find shade under a tree.

North of Gaios is the small and sheltered pebble beach of Kaki Langada. During the high season there is a cantina on the beach where you can buy a drink, during other periods you have to bring your own water. South of Gaios there are a couple of coves where you can go into the water.

Harami and Kanoni Beach are the two beaches inside the bay of Lakka. They are pebble beaches (although Harami is more sandy) but as soon as you get a little bit further into the water the pebbles change to sand. The white pebbles on the bottom of the sea give the water a beautiful turqoise colour. These beaches are shallow and so they are popular with families. On the beaches are trees where you can find some shade. From Lakka heading south towards Loggos you will get to the beaches of Monodendri and Glyfada. Monodendri beach is the more popular one and it has facilities. Here you can also practise watersports. Glyfada Beach is more quiet and can only be reached over a steep path down. Nort of Lakka liggen there are two other beaches: Planos and Achai Beach.

Kipos and Marmari Beach are two beaches close to the village of Loggos. They are situated in small coves and there are trees on the beach for some shade. Kipos and Marmari Beach can only be reached on foot or by boat. A 5 minutes walk south of Loggos will bring you to the beach of Levrecchio, where there is a taverne. It's a popular beach and it can get quite busy, especially during the high season. Even further south along a track from the main road are the beaches of Pounda and Kipiadi. They are pebble beaches and more quiet. Kipiada is quite long.

Mongonissi Beach is a sandy beach which is situated in the south of the island. It is artificial in such away that the place where the beach is was created by blowing a hole in the cliffs and filling it up with sand. Mongonissi is situated 5 kilometer south of Gaios. It used to be an islet, but it is now connected with the island of Paxos. The water is shallow and the beach of Mongonissi is situated in a protected bay, so it is very child friendly. There are trees on the beach for shade and there is a taverne where you can get a drink and something to eat. The bay of Mongonissi is one of the safest anchorages in the area and so there is also a mooring for yachts. Around Mongonissi Beach there are more pebble beaches and coves.

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