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Agathonissi Agathonissi Agathonissi Agathonissi
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The hangover after the holidays.

Hello lovers of the Greek islands, here is the update of my website The Greek Islands. If you have received this newsletter by mistake or if you want to unsubscribe please reply to this email and write "unsubscribe" in the subjectmatter.

Hello everybody,
I hope you are all well. Here's the June newsletter with some updates to hopefully get you into the mood for Greece. I've been typing and putting in pictures on the website as some sort of sfter-holidays-therapy. I returned four weeks ago, but it feels much longer: I gues you are all familiar with that. Samos, Leros and Patmos are about ready and also for Agathonissi and Arki I have made a small page with some info and pictures. We haven't visited these islands but the ferry in between Patmos and Samos made stops at these small Dodekanese islands on our way up and down. In earlier times it wouldn't have crossed my mind to ever get off the boat here, but nowadays it is becoming more and more an attractive option. In the future we plan to make a stop at one of these islands and spend a couple of days there. From Patmos and Samos you can also make daytrips to these small islands.

Kefalonia, Kamninia Beach Kefalonia, Myrtos Bay Kefalonia, S Eufemia Bay Kefalonia, Mount Enos
Kefalonia Kefalonia Kefalonia Kefalonia
Zakynthos, Zante Zakynthos, Zante Zakynthos, Zante Zakynthos, Zante

Also new is a small page about Kefalonia with some general information on the island and an offer from a hotel there (100 euro p.p. per week when with two people). Kefalonia can be found in the group of the Ionian islands to which for instance also Corfu and Zakynthos belong. In this islandgroup Kefalonia is the largest island. Kefalonia has an international airport. From Holland you can fly with Arkefly, which is as far as I can see the only company making direct flights to the island from Amsterdam, but you can also get there by car (and ferry of course....). Also on the Zakynthos page some extra pictures have been places, like the picture of "shipwreck beach", the famous beach on Zakynthos with the stranded ship that is on all the postcards. You must have run into it one day while picking up cards to send home.
Karpathos Karpathos Karpathos

Other news:
- Nelleke has written a story about her holiday on Karpathos which you can find on the left side of the main page under "your stories".
- I have made special pages about the naturist beaches on Lesbos and on Samos. This because I frequently get questions from people if I know where they can find these kind of beaches. On the frontpage of De Griekse Eilanden they are all in a row on the left side.

Oké, that was the news in short. I am now going to sit out my time until the end of September when I can go back to Crete. I still haven't booked a flight yet, but I intend to do this soon. I will go to Agia Pelagia and Analipsi as usual and maybe also spend a couple op days in Makri Gialos and who know even on the island of Gavdos if the ferry schedules allow it. I wish everybody who is still going on a holiday the best of time and if you have made nice pictures or have a nice story on return I am always happy to put it on the website.
Kind regards, Hans

Hans Huisman, www.angelfire.com/super2/greece 2007