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The new special offers from the hotels and a little bit more....

Hello lovers of the Greek islands, here is the update of my website The Greek Islands. If you have received this newsletter by mistake or if you want to unsubscribe please reply to this email and write "unsubscribe" in the subjectmatter.

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Getting ready for 2009???
No long newletter this time because the last one in december was already quite extensive with the stories about Crete. But maybe it is good to see a couple of pictures with the sun shining on it, because it has been such cold weather (especially here in Holland, where I just wish it was spring again). We've already made half a plan for the May / June holiday and we are probably returning to some of our "old" Cycladic islands like Mykonos, Paros and Antiparos. It could still change because it is not 100% decided yet. So what is new? I don't remember if I mentioned it before but there are a couple of new pictures send in by Nelleke Glas of the village of Kataraktis on the island of Chios. Also the page of Santorini has had a couple of updates and more info and pictures have been placed. It is not completely ready though. We plan to also maybe go back there on the next holiday to give it another chance.
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The hotels have placed their special offers on my pages: see all of them on this page.
So...I have been e-mailing and chasing the people on my website and there are some very nice new offers on my website: 13 so far....unlucky number, ahaha... I could especially recommend you the Villa Sophia in Crete. They don't have a special offer for only my website but I put them on anyways because it is pherhaps my favorite accommodation ever and they have lowered their prices so much that I had to tell you. For instance in September and October you can rent the whole villa (3 bedrooms, private pool, beautiful seaview) for 418 euro a week for the whole villa!! This is an amazing price and you are not going to find anything cheaper / more beautiful if you are looking for something exclusive. You can take a look at it on this page. Promise you will not regret it, but be quick, because as I understood June is for instance already booked out. If it is booked out you might want to try the Kastagne Lodgewhich offers my visitors a 15% discount in June! A very nice small complex with lots of privacy (one beautiful studio, one apartment and one house). Superspot, not expensive and super-friendly people. Of course there are more offers on more islands. Mathios Studios on the island of Thassos and Nassos Guesthouse on Lesbos island offer studios / rooms at 25 euro a day at certain periods. The luxury hotel Archipelagos on Fourni island has also a very nice offer and the rooms here start at 20 euro a day as a special price! In other periods my visitors get a 10% discount on the official price, a bottle of wine and a basket with fruits. This is a very nice opportunity to discover this rather unknown island in a nice place and at a cheap price. Hotel Elies on Kalymnos, which is THE place people that like to dive, has a special 15% discount for early bookers. Read about it on the hotel offers page. Okay, this is is for now. I wish everybody all the best for this coming year and I hope you get to spend dome time in Greece. I am always interested in your experiences and pictures for my website. Hugs, Hans the Greek Islands.

Hans Huisman www.angelfire.com/super2/greece 2009