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NEWSLETTER THE GREEK ISLANDS - Christmas wishes and hoteldeals for 2011

Hello lovers of the Greek islands, here is the update of my website The Greek Islands. If you have received this newsletter by mistake or if you want to unsubscribe please reply to this email and write "unsubscribe" in the subjectmatter.

Hello everybody, this is my last newsletter of 2010, and so I want to first wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am going to keep this one short after the last newsletter which ended up being so long. There are a few new items on my site, starting with the new hoteldeals page, where my friends in Greece make a special offer for their accommodation that can only be booked through my website. There are special offers for studios and apartments in Antiparos, Corfu, Karpathos, Samos, Sifnos and Thassos, and two villas in Crete have lowered their prices if you are a Friend of The Greek Islands. New is also a page about winter in Crete and I have made a small item about two more islands. The first one is about Hydra islands in the Saronic Gulf and the secons one is about Paxos island which is close to Corfu. The information is not 100% completed yet and I am still working on it, but it is a good start. If there is anybody that can help me with more pictures or info I'd be obliged and I can put your name at the bottom of the page in the "copyright".

Okay, so all the best for everybody and I wish everybody a wonderful 2011 with lots of Greek islands!!

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Hans Huisman, Frankie Miles, Kate Ladybee 2010