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Milos car rental - rent a car on the island of Milos in Greece
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In May 2011 we plan to go to the island of Milos for five days to have a look around. The island of Milos is actually relatively large compared to some other islands in the Cyclades so we wanted to rent a car for the time we are going to be there. The quieter beaches are usually at some distance from the civilized world, and there is not always a bus going there. For this reason and because we just want to see as much as possible and feel free to go where we want to go we already started to look for a car rental for the period of our stay. We ended up with Athena Travel Car Rental which is located in the town where the ferry arrives as well.

Athena Travel Car Rental is situated in the port of Adamas on the island of Milos and came recommended by the local people. Here is where we have booked our car for our visit to the island in May 2011. The owner is called Athena and she is quick and professional with e-mail replies. The car will be waiting for us in the parking area left of the port. It can be recognized by the orange ATHENA logo of the agency and secondly by finding your name noted on the windscreen. They also send us a map with the position of the agency. They speak English and Italian. Maybe it is a good tip for other people that want to rent a car on Milos. You can call the Athena Travel Car Rental or you can ask them for a quote. They have special offers for people that rent a car for a week through the internet (1/1 - 30/6 & 1/9 - 31/12)

Our car was indeed in the parking lot waiting for us with my name on the window. We arrived on a Sunday and that was the only day they were closed. The next day we just went past Athena Travel to do the paperwork. I really advise everybody to rent a car in Milos, because the island is pretty big and it is especially easy when you want to visit the more remote beaches like for instance Fyriplaka. For those people that really want to explore the entire island it is helpful to rent a jeep or something similar. Many of the roads on Milos (especially in the western part) are not paved.

Send an e-mail to Athena Travel Car Rental - tel. +30 22870 21627 fax +30 22870 21498

Hans Huisman, 2014
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