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The island of Madouri in the Ionian Sea in Greece

Madouri is a small and very green island with large pine trees, which lies east of the larger island Lefkas or Lefkada. It is not far from the coast of Lefkas, opposite the village of Nidri or Nydri. The island is about 400 meters in diameter and overlooks Lefkas and other islands such as Skorpios and Skorpidi.

The island of Madouri has long been privately owned by the Valeoritis family (so it cannot be visited, but it is of course possible to have a close look at it while passing the island on an excursion boat). In the 19th century, the Greek poet Aristotelis Valaoritis grew up there and wrote his poems. He had a beautiful house built here overlooking Nidri and Lefkada. The current owners are his grandchildren. Nanos Valaoritis is another famous Greek writer.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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