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Firi Ammos (Agia Pelagia) - The beaches of Firi Ammos lie south of Agia Pelagia. It is particularly known for the unique red sand that is mainly found at the the edge of the water. The beach of Agia Pelagia is a fairly large beach.

Chalkos Beach - Chalkos is a narrow pebble beach, about 200 meters long, on the southeast coast of Kythira. It is located 2.5 kilometers from the village of Kalamos. There can be some wind at the beach things because it is situated to the north. It is a good place for snorkeling.

Firi Ammos (Livadi) - Long and beautiful beach with red coloured pebbles in the south east of the island. It belongs to the beaches with the most clean seawater.

Paliopoli Beach - The beach of Paliopoli is very popular among the Greeks. It is a very elongated sand / pebble beach.

Platia Ammos Beach - Long sandy beach on the northwest coast of Kythira not far from the village of Karavas. There is a view of the Peloponnese. On the beach is a taverna.

Fourni Beach - 2 Kilometers south of the beach of Platia Ammos, in the northwest of the island, lies the small pebble beach of Fourni. This beach is usually very quiet.

Agios Nikolaos Beach - Not far from Avlemonas in a beautiful bay is the beach of Agios Nikolaos. It is not too large sandy beach with some rocks on it.

Kaladi Beach - The pebble beach of Kaladí is perhaps the most beautiful of all. Here you find the turquoise color of the seawater against the white pebbles on the beach.

Diakofti Beach - Beach on the east side of the island, roughly at the centre of the island. The small sandy beach runs gradually into the sea. Opposite Diakofti is an island which is connected to Kythira by bridge. In Diakoft there are a number taverna.

Melidoni Beach - Beautiful enclosed bay with a small and quiet sandy beach, located in the southwest of the island. The water is clear and it is good for snorkeling. Watch out: sometimes there are suddenly beach parties in the summer.

Avlemonas Beach - At the Avlemonas fishing village on the east side of the island, where long they have searched for the Temple of Aphrodite, is a beach with sand and pebbles. In the village are a few small taverna.

Kapsali Beach - This beach is located south of Kythira and is visible from the hills of Chora. It is a popular beach which is split into two by a rock. In front of the coast in the sea lies a strangely shaped island. The people of Kythira claim that the goddess Aphrodite was born here.

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