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Kefalonia sights

Melisani The underground lake of Melissani in the socalled "blue cave". This lake is situated close to the coastal village of Karavomilos. From here you can take a boat into the caves where the lake is. Once this lake was totally covered but an earthquake in 1953 made part of the roof collapse. There are a couple of chambers that you can take a look at. In the water of the caves many objects from antiquity have been found and probably it was once a shrine to the god Pan. In Katavothres daily thousands of liters of water disappear into a crack in the earth and then travel 17 kilometer under the island, and rise again into the lake of Melissani.

The Ainos National Park / nature reserve. Here at the Ainos Park on the mountain with the same name you can make spectacular walks through the nature. The eastern part of the park is a bit more rough and there are several rare plants. One of the trees growing there, a kind of ceder tree, cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The Venetian castle of St. George in Livathos (not far from the capitol). The castle dates from the 16th century and is positioned on a hill. It is build on top of a chucrh from the Byzantine times, from which the name of the castle derives. Once the venatian capitol of the island was to be found here. During the earhquake of 1953 parts of the castle were destroyed.

The cave of Drogarati. You have to descend into thid cave (about 45 meter down) in order to see this special cave.On the level of almos 100 meters below the ground you can see the largest and most beautiful chamber of the cave.

The fortess of Assos. This castle was build in the beginning of the 17th century and the total length of the walls is about 2000 meters. It was build as a defence against pirates.

Roman villa in Skala. Near the village of Skala there are the ruins of a Roman villa with beautiful floormosaics.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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