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The beaches and naturist beaches of the island Kea or Tzia in Greece

Gialiskari Beach - This is the most popular beach of Kea although it is not so very big. It lies in a bay where the sea is calm and there are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. The beach is located 6.5 kilometers south of the capital and a 15 minutes walk from Voukari or Korissia, on the northwest coast of Kea. it is especially popular among young people if only because of the sometimes loud music from the beach bar on the spot.

Otzias Beach - This beach is located in the north of the island of Kea and is approximately 700 meters long. At the edge of the beach are trees for shade and also there are a few tavernas. On the east side of the beach lies the village. Otzias was in the ancient time a port and there are still remnants to be seen. The paths around Otzias Beach are ideal for walks. There are several small churches in the vicinity and a few kilometers away lies the monastery of Kastriani.

Pisses Beach - This beach lies on the west side of the island at 11 kilometres from the capital and it is widely regarded as the best beach on the island. The walk to it is very beautiful. Pisses lies in a beautiful fertile valley. There are a few facilities on the beach resort of Pisses and there are some rooms for rent. The campsite of the island of Kea is here. Sometimes there can be some wind on the beach (the so-called "Meltemi"). At the top of a hill in Pisses lie the remains of the ancient city Poiessa. There is an acropolis, a temple, the remains of a fort and a church with many ancient marble stones in it (the Panagia Sotira). From Pisses beach there are beautiful sunsets.

Koundouros Beach - Kondouris Beach is one of the many small sandy beaches south of Pisses, in the southwest of the island of Kea. The beach is protected from the wind. There are accommodations and rooms for rent and there are a number tavernas. There is a large hotel: the Kea Beach Hotel. A little bit south are some more nice beaches, such as the beach of Kampi and the more remote beach of Liparo.

Kambi Beach - A rather quiet sand / pebble beach at 18 kilometres distance from the capital and surrounded by mountains and cliffs.

Mikres and Megales Poles Beach - The beaches of Mikres and Megales Poles are in the southeast of Kea. You can not get there by car and the last part from Agios Nikolaos you have to walk. This walk is not easy and it leads you through a ravine and along a church. On the way you also pass the remnants of the ancient city of Karthea, with a temple of Athena, a temple of Apolllo, remnants of city walls and a theater. On the beach there can sometimes be quite some wind. The second beach is called Megales Poles and from here there is a road leading to the old city Ioulis. In the sea in front of the beach of Megales Poles there are still remnants from the ancient time.

Mavrambeli Beach - This beach is located in the northwest of Kea, near the more popular beaches Gialiskari and Otzias. It is a bit more remote and more difficult to reach. Therefore, it is also much quieter. The beach is accessible on foot or with the motorcycle and there are no facilities. On most maps the beach is not mentioned.

Xila Beach - This beach is located in the west of the island and is about 200 meters long. The beach is remote and is reachable only on foot or by motor cycle. On the beach are no facilities so you have to bring your own water and food.

Orches Beach - A remote beach that actually can only be reached by Jeep. There are no facilities on the beach (no taverna and such). However, there is some shade to be found on the beach as there are some trees and a couple of straw umbrellas.

Spathi, Sikamia and other beaches - There are many other large and small beaches on Kea, many of which are only accessible by foot or motor cycle. Spathi Beach is located in the east of Kea. It is a big and beautiful beach at 14 kilometres distance from the capital. Here are some accommodations for tourists , such as cottages, and there is a cafe at the beach.

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