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The beaches and naturist beaches of the island of Kasos or Kassos in Greece

Kasos doesn't have a lot of good beaches that can be reached on foot. There is one on the west side of the capital near Agia Marina and there is an organized beach in Emborio, where you can also find a couple of taverns. During high season there are occasional caïques (wooden boats) going to the small islet of Armathia, which is situated north of Kasos. On Armathia there is a good sandy beach which is called Marmara beach. This beach is surrounded by blue-green waters and it is considered one of the prettiest beaches of Greece. In total the island has three beaches: Marmara, Karavostasi and the small Apopantoula beach.

The island of Armathia is uninhabited and it is primarily and destination for day trips from the surrounding islands. It is the largest of the islands that surround Kasos. In 1951 there were 8 people living on the island and at one time there were even 100 residents who lived of the mining of a mineral of which plaster was made. There were also shepherds and fishermen, and sponge fishermen from islands like Kalymnos, Halki and Symi made a stop here. There were 7 kafenions on Armathia island. Now there are only the ruins of houses and stables. The only building that still stands proudly is the Ypapanti church. Not so long ago an observatory was built here where visitors can view animals in the wild.

There are a couple more beaches in the west and the south of the island of Kasos. The most remote beach is called Chelatros or Helatros beach. It is situated in the south about thirteen kilometers from the capital. You can reach the beach via the asphalt road that leads to the south. Chelatros is a sandy beach with small rocks and large pebbles. The beach has no facilities and is isolated, so you have to bring water, sunblock and something to eat with you if you want to visit this beach. There is a natural harbour here which was already used in Minoan times. Helatros beach is a favorite with windsurfers. The three pebble beaches of Fokiokamara can also be reached on foot, just as the beautiful pebble beach of Antiperatos. Roads on Kasos are scarce, so a large part of the island is extremely quiet. Tourists can walk over the hills of the island. <

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