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A selection of the naturist beaches of Kalymnos - naturist beaches on the island of Telendos
Telendos island

The first naturist beach mentioned here is not on the island Kalymnos itself, but on the opposite island of Telendos, which is a 10 minute boattrip away from the village of Mirties on the westcoast of the island. The naturist beach is situated on the eastcoast of the island past the taverna's and past the beach. After the first textile beach there is another beach (sometimes naturist) but after that there is an official naturist beach. This beach is a pebble beach and there are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent on this beach and there is a taverna. The sea has quite a lot of rock in it and beach shoes are recommended. Next to this beach there are two smaller beaches that are also used by naturists. Also in the south of the island, after a climb over the hill, there is a secluded beach that is used by naturists. Look around the island and you will find even more.

Emporio Beach Kalymnos
Emporio Beach Kalymnos

In Emporio follow the road north from the (textile only) townbeach. You will pass another bay with a beach (most of the times textile) and after that the road turns into a dirttrack and you have to climb a bit to reach two other small beaches that are sometimes used by naturists. Facing the open sea these beaches are not allways very clean though and they can have some seaweed or rubble on them. If you look around in the area of Emporio you can find more and better small beaches that can be used as naturist beaches. Not far away, northwest of Emporio between Alexi and Apitiki there is also a small beach that is sometimes used by naturists.

Other naturist beaches in Kalymnos

Near the Kefala cave there is a nice naturist beach and also a lot of the smaller beaches around Rina are in use as naturist beaches (you can only get there by boat). Also if you turn right at Platis Yialos beach and walk about 15 minutes (you will pass some more beaches on the way) there is a nice nudist beach.

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