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Skopelos Town Skopelos Town Skopelos Town Skopelos Town Skopelos


Again only an impression: this was for me love at first sight. Skopelos-town is wonderful. It's big, the houses are build against the mountain and the harbour is very attractive with lots of shops and terraces, and a beautiful, big white church on the right side of the boulevard. Within a couple of minutes I thought 'I wouldn't mind living here'. You can get lost in all the small streets as you climb upstairs, and some of the views you get as a reward are astonishing. There are lots of little old churches, cosy little squares and trees and flowers everywhere you go. Every here and there you will find a strange shop with funny and interseting items that you wouldn't find on any other island. And just because it's so big doesn't mean that it's busy or noisy. It's in fact nothing like that: because it is build on a mountain and because most of the streets are so small there's hardly any traffic. I loved it. this is one of the nicest Greek towns that I ever visited, maybe (no offense friends in Mykonos...) even nicer than Mykonos-town, because it's so peacefull. Like on Alonissos most of the beaches here are supposedly pebble-beaches. I didn't stay long enough to check on them. I can only tell you that the town-beach is one pile of big and small pebbles and not very inviting to spread your towel on and take a dip into the water. As far as we could see during the boat-trip the scenery on the island was beautiful

Hans Huisman 2006 <XMP></body></xmp>