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Klissidi and the beach View from our apartment Anafi Chora Anafi Chora Anafi

The most desolate of the Cyclades and of all the Greek islands we ever sat foot on. We're still planning on going back to Anafi, because we really liked it, but it's a bit out of the route and there are not many ferries that make a stop there. Once you've found a boat that will take you there, plan ahead when there's also one that will take you back or take you somewhere else. I went there because a friend of mine (his name is Jan, but we call him Jannafi) went there for a couple of months every year. I wanted to see why. We arrived in the middle of the night on an escape from Santorini and with some help and luck we found a small room with a shower and a toilet, thanks to a girl that we had met on the ferry (with ten passengers on it!). We stayed at the village of Klissidi at Margeritas (0286-61237). We thought it was nice and nothing more, but we had jealous people over later that week, because Margeritas was the only place that also had real beds, and a shower and toilet in the room. This was unknown in the rest of the village. The first thing that struck us though on our arrival was the breathtaking star-filled sky. There was only one lightbulb in the whole village and that was it. You couldn't even see your own feet. The island is pretty barren, but beautful in its own way, with different shades of red, white, gray and green. The beach of Klissidi comes with some green and three big palmtrees. There are plenty of mountains on the island as well, so if you want to bring a visit to the Chora you must walk downstairs to the harbour and take a bus. You cannot rent a bike or a car, so there's no other option (yeah, you could take a donkey hostage :). Everywhere you go in Anafi it's quiet. The harbour is small, but we liked it. It has a nice small beach, and the people are friendly. Whenever we went to that beach we were alone. Klissidi, our base, has a nice large beach with good sand and a bit of waves. It's also very quiet: well, all the beaches that we visited were quiet and good. A little walk to the east will bring you to a couple of other large beaches (also for naturists), but you have to bring good shoes and not beach-slippers like we did. Dinner in Klissidi gives you two options. You either eat at Margeritas, who usually has two different main-dishes and two or three side-dishes on the menu (and she is a good cook!), or you walk downstairs and look into the pots and pans of her downstairs neighbour, and maybe peek into her oven to see if there is something there as well. We loved that. At Margeritas you can also have your breakfast and enjoy the great view. If you like it absolutely quiet than this is your island. There are hardly any cars, maybe just a couple, and at the beginning of Klissidi the road stops. In the evening there's not much to do, but we had a good time sitting on the terrace eating, drinking lots of ouzo, and talking to the other guests (a special kind of people come here and return every year). While you are in Anafi go and take a look at the Chora (village on the mountain). You can give it a try and make the walk, but I wouldn't advice that in the usual heat. It's possible to take a bus in the harbour and then walk back after you've taken a look around. It's like a true ghost-town, but a very pretty and unspoiled one. It's full of pretty, old bright-white houses, churches and little squares. The views over the island and the sea are spectaculair. We walked around for an hour and didn't see anybody untill the very last minute.

A little bit more about Anafi
Anafi island is 38 km2 large and has about 350 inhabitants. It is situated an hour sailing east of Santorini. After the vulcanic explosion at Santorini it was covered in a thick layer of pumice (25 metres) from the eruption and this is one of the reasons why it has never been prosperous. Anafi is mountainous and barren and there is no water. Anafi is one of those realy unspoilt Greek islands. During high season it can get a lot busier, especially with tents that are put up at Klissidi Beach, where it is free camping. Some other reports say that free camping and naturism have been banned on Klissidi Beach. I don't know...do you? If you do than mail me. Sometimes when more accommodations are built in a village people become less tollerant as the want to "upgrade" a beach.

Sights of Anafi

  • Anafi has one of the nicests and most unspoilt choras of all the Greek islands, very authentic with pretty Cycladic houses and exterior baking ovens. The small capital Chora lies on a hill in the southwest of the island above the port of Agios Nikolaos. Most inhabitants of Anafi reside in this location on the hill, the Chora, which is connected by an asphalt road to the tiny port of Agios Nikolaos, where the few ferries arrive. From the port there is occasionally a bus to the chora at the top of the hill and every now and then there is another bus back. The rest you will have to walk, because there are no cars for rent.
  • Though there is no Venetian castle to crown the capital of Chora, there is a Venetian castle in Kastelli. The ancient city of Anaphe and its successor the Venetian castle are placed on the cone-shaped mountain Kastelli. At the ruine field there are several burial chambers with niches, a water basin and traces of temples.
  • In the southeast of the island on the top of a hill there is a deserted monastery that is built on the site of an ancient Temple of Apollo. On an isthmus there are the remains of an the ancient Apollo sanctuari. This place is now the monastery Zoodochos Pigi.

    Beaches and naturist beaches
    The island of Anafi has beautiful sandy beaches. In front of the village Klissidi itself is a beautiful long sandy beach. A few times you will also see a couple of naturists here. The real naturist beaches are a bit east of the village, and these are beautiful sandy beaches. Between Klissidi and the first bigger beach which has been given a name (Exo Rokounas) are two beaches that are visited by naturists. These are the real naturiste beaches. The first is about a 10 minutes' walk away from Klissidi off from the tavern (not the one at the end of the beach but on the path behind it). The first beach is not very large. If you follow the coast you come to another beach, but it is hard to reach and you have a partially wade through the water. The beach of Exo Rokounas among can be reached from Chora as well. After about a 1,5 klimetres you will see the sign that points to the beach. Enter the path and then go right again. From this beach you can walk through the water (up to your chest) to the next beach. The beach behind this beach is called Mikro Roukounas and can also be reached through the water. Rokounas is the main naturist beach and it is within walking distance. It is about 300 metres long. Here you will find a fair amount of camping people. Nowadays there is a bus going from Chora and there is a taverna (when I was there years ago that was not the case, but it is the "progress" as we say). Again free camping sometimes seems to be made difficult. As I said, you can go there by bus from Chora or you can walk (60 - 90 minutes). At 9 kilometres from Chora is the monastery Zoodochos Pigi and below is a small sandy beach that is used by naturists. There are also more beaches and small bays / coves scattered about the island and the island is predominantly naturist.

    ferries to Anafi
    ferries to Anafi Transportation on and travel to Anafi
    On Anafi you will mostly only find footpaths for you and for the mules. All life, and hence the beachfun takes place solely on the south coast, and the bays and beaches can only be reached by foot or by boat. Although the island is just a two hours sail away from Santorini, Anafi does not have many ferry connections, at least out of high season, one so it has remained one of the most serene and quiet islands of the Cyclades. Much accommodation is therefore not to be found on the island. In recent years the accessibility by ferry ro Anafi has improved a bit (or "worstened", depending on how you look at it, because there are also plenty of people who want to keep Anafi as inaccessible as possible). Just about every day there ist a ferry from Santorini heading to Anafi and there is also one back. Times of arrival / departure vary because there are several ferry companies sailing on Anafi. You can check with Danea, Saos Ferries and Nel Lines. The latter has (in 2008) deployed the small Panagia Tinou to sail to the island. Often these ferries call on every small islands on their journey, and therefore you will zigzag through the Cyclades and you may get a small delay here and there if you come from afar. Personally, I think it always actually fun to sit on a boat and see all the islands go by. If you check and cannot find any schedules on than you are probably too early and the timetables haven't been approved yet. Please try again later in the season. Sometimes the owner of the hotel you booked knows best and you can ask him / her.

    Accommodations on the island Anafi
    As I have already mentioned, there is not much available in hotels, apartments and studios and alike. They are of course accommodations, but there is not a lot about it listed on the internet. You naturally would like to see a descriptiin and some pictures of any accommodation where you will be going to. I've put a few hotels here for those who prefer to book something in advance.

  • Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi
    Villa Apollon in Klissidi
    Villa Apollon is located in the most beautiful place of Klisidi beach, with the deep blue water. It is built amphitheatrically with view southeastern and with traditional Cycladic architecture Villa Apollon consists of 2 full-equipped studios and 5 rooms. Every room and studio has its wonderful view to the sea. The traditional domes, stonewalls and the beautiful gardens create a unique Cycladic character to the complex.

    Tel. Athens: 210-99 36 150 Klissidi Anafi, Tel.: 22860-61348 , Fax: 22860-61287 - Send an email to Villa Apollon

    Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi
    Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi
    Apollon Village Hotel in Klissidi
    Apollon Village Hotel consist a complex of fully equipped and elegantly furnished, spacious and sunny apartments, studios and rooms which can accommodate two to six persons. Each accommodation has been designed with special taste, following the traditional architecture of Anafi and Cycladic Islands with view to the sea.

    Phone: 00302108068824 - Mobile: 00306977672130 / 00302286061348 - Fax: 00302109936150 / 00302286061287 -
    Send an email to Apollon Village Hotel


    Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi
    Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi
    Faros Rooms in Agios Nikolaos Anafi (the harbor)
    Faros rooms are located near the seashore. It takes only 2 minutes walking to get to the first beach (Agios Nikolaos), 10 minutes walking to the second beach (Klisidi) and 20 minutes walking to the third beach (Katsouni). So, you don't need a car, bike or bus, to go for a swim. The rooms are built on the hill of the coast of Agios Nikolaos. Faros consists of 6 rooms, all of which are provided with a wc, refrigerator, boiler, ceiling fan, and a big balcony with a magnificent view to the Aegean sea. Five of them have two wooden single beds. The sixth has a wooden double bed, a small third bed and a kitchen sink. There's an engine running in the nearby region, so the place is not absolutely quiet, but the sound is not disturbing in the rooms (note by me: he means I think the sound of the power station at the other side of the bay. It wouldn't disturb me at all, and it is not that bad, can't hear it on the beach down below). Breakfast is not included in the price. The rooms are located close to the small port of the Island, as well as the road; so there is direct access to all kinds of transportation. The road distance to the Chora is about 4 kilometers. There is also a shorter footpath, which will take you there after 30 minutes of walking. People in Anafi are friendly (or become friendly). Tassos, the manager of Faros, will be glad to help you get around.

    Tassos Kolydas Telephone Numbers: (+30).210.9646039 (+30).694.5310261 (+30).22860.61319 (only during the summer) -
    Send an email to Faros Rooms in Anafi.

    Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi
    Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi Anafi
    Ta Plagia Bed and Breakfast in Anafi Chora
    We offer bed and breakfast in our rooms “Ta Plagia” which are located in the village and have a breathtaking view of the aegean sea and all the modern facilities. We offer a friendly and relaxing atmosphere and reasonable prices (from €30-40 low season, €40-60 high season) In our cafeteria you can have a good breakfast with hand-made marmalade and sweets. In the evening we offer snacks with traditional ouzo and raki.

    Tel (+30) 2286061308, Fax (+30) 2286061372 - Send an email to Ta Plagia in Anafi.

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