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Hydra sights

The convent of Agia Efpraxia (dating from 1825) en the monastery Profitis Ilias at an hour and a half distance walk from Hydra Town. The Monastery of the Prophet Elias, which dates from 1813 and is built on the slope of Mount Eros on the site of an abandoned older monastery. The Monastery is inhabited by two monks and it includes a courtyard, a church, a vegetable garden and several other buildings. The walk from Hydra Town takes about one and a half hour (up the hill), so take water with you when you want to visit these places. Views from both monasteries are spectacular, over Hydra, the sea and the Pelopennese.

Hydra Town with its fortifications, neo-classical mansions and the 18th century Panagia Monastery. This monastery was built with the stones from the former Poseidon Temple of Poros island. In the middle of the harbour of Hydra Town stands a three story high bell-tower that dates from 1643 and which is one of the oldest buildings of the town. The Byzantine or Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra is located in the center of the Harbor under the clock tower.

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