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Simos Beach is located in the south of the island Elafonisos and it's a very beautiful and large sandy beach with beautiful turquoise waters, and it's a good place to snorkel. There are people that think that this is the most beautiful beach in Greece. The beach consists of two parts (two beaches, Frago and Sarakiniko) that come together and behind it are high sand dunes. In August and later in the year the rare and protected white sea lilies bloom here. From Simos Beach there is a view of the island of Kythira. On the beach of Simos are sunbeds and parasols for rent. There is also an organized a camping site near the beach.

Panagia Beach or Kato Nisi Beach is located on the west side of the island. It's a long, wide sandy beach that is protected by islands off the coast. There are some pine trees and bushes along the edge of the beach for shade, but there are some beachchairs and parasols for rent. In the summer the special Sempre Viva blooms here. It grows on rocks and has yellow flowers. It looks a little like a flower from a dried bouquet. The bottom of the sea is sandy and the water is crystal clear. The beach is accessible by car but the road towards it is not great. Just like on Simos Beach there are people here who are camping free. It is not really allowed, but people do it anyway. Kato Nisi is the only village on the island next to Elafonisos Town.

Lefki Beach is situated in a bay on the east side of the island Elafonisos. You pass the beach on the way to Simos Beach. It is a beach with some rocks off the coast. Sometimes there are also yachts at anchor. The color of the water here seems spectacularly beautiful.

Megalo Tigani Beach is the name of the beach on the southeast side Elafonisos Town, near the port and the chapel of Agios Ioannis. At the beach are facilities.

Kontogoni Beach is located just northwest of Elafonisos Town, within walking distance of taverns and other facilities of the village.

Kalogeras Beach is a continuation of the Kontogoni beach and is also north-west of Elafonisos Town.

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