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Donoussa - Ferry connections

ferries to Donoussa One of the reasons why it Donoussa is such a nice and quiet island is because not very many ferries call on it. The island lies outside the route and it is not very big. In previous years, the island was visited by the Express Skopelitis a few times a week, a smaller ferry that calls on all the islands in the small Cyclades (Koufonissia, Donoussa, Heraklia, Schinoussa) and ends its journey on the island of Amorgos.

Often the owner of the hotel where you have made a reservation knows best when the ferry arrives. You can check the Web sites of the next ferry companies: Nel Lines from Syros Paros / Naxos or Amorgos to Donoussa at least 1 times per week. Blue Star Ferries from Piraeus / Paros / Naxos or Amorgos at least 1 times per week - see route on the picture on the left (much more during tourist season). Services & times of ferries between the islands vary from year to year, so keep checking.

The island of Donoussa does not have an airport of its own. If you want to travel to Donoussa you fly to either Santorini or Athens (and than go to the harbour Piraeus) where there is an international airport. The closest airport to Donoussa is on next door island Naxos (domestic flights only).

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