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The island of Anafi has beautiful sandy beaches. In front of the village Klissidi itself is a beautiful long sandy beach. A few times you will also see a couple of naturists here. The real naturist beaches are a bit east of the village, and these are beautiful sandy beaches.

Between Klissidi and the first bigger beach which has been given a name (Exo Rokounas) are two beaches that are visited by naturists. These are the real naturist beaches. The first is about a 10 minutes walk away from Klissidi off from the tavern (not the one at the end of the beach but on the path behind it). The first beach is not very large. If you follow the coast you come to another beach, but it is hard to reach and you have a partially wade through the water.

The beach of Exo Rokounas among can be reached from Chora as well. After about a 1,5 klimetres you will see the sign that points to the beach. Enter the path and then go right again. From this beach you can walk through the water (up to your chest) to the next beach. The beach behind this beach is called Mikro Roukounas and can also be reached through the water.

Rokounas is the main naturist beach and it is within walking distance. It is about 300 metres long. Here you will find a fair amount of camping people. Nowadays there is a bus going from Chora and there is a taverna (when I was there years ago that was not the case, but it is the "progress" as we say). Again free camping sometimes seems to be made difficult. As I said, you can go there by bus from Chora or you can walk (60 - 90 minutes).

At 9 kilometres from Chora is the monastery Zoodochos Pigi and below is a small sandy beach that is used by naturists. There are also more beaches and small bays / coves scattered about the island and the island is predominantly naturist.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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