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Alykes Beach is located in the west of the island (southwest of the capital). This is the most popular beach on the island. It is a beautiful sandy beach where it is easy to go into the water, so well suited for families with children. It is close the Amiliani Lake, to which the island owes its name. It is an organized beach where you can rent parasols and sunbeds.

Agios Georgios Beach is a beach in the south of the island one mile away from the main town. It is a sandy beach and there is a tavern where you have something to eat or drink. There are also sunbeds and parasols for rent. Agios Georgios Beach is named after a church that stands at the beach.

Karagatsia Beach (Ftelies) lies in the west of the island Amoliani in a small bay. There is a small cantina where you can get something to drink. The distance to the capital is about two kilometers.

Faka Beach is located northwest of the capital and here are no facilities (no tavern, no umbrellas and sunbeds). Faka Beach is a quiet beach and it is a good place to fish.

Moussiou Beach is a small beach just northwest of the capital. It is a quiet beach out of the wind. Under the pines at the beach you can find some shade. Again, no facilities.

Tsaska Beach is a quiet little beach in the north of the island Amoliani. There are no sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and there is no tavern. The last stretch to the beach you have to walk over a path. On the beach of Tsaska you can find some shade under the trees.

The Drenia Islets (Agios Nikolaos, Elijah, Pontiki, Nikita, and Spermeno Palarma) south of the island Amoliani are lovely sandy beaches. You can only get there by kaik (traditional wooden boat). The islands are also called Gaidouronissia, which means donkey island.

Megali Amos Beach is located on the east side of the island Amoliani just behind Agios Georgios Beach. From here you have a beautiful view of the Drenia islets and the mountains of the Athos peninsula. It is a popular sandy beach with coarse sand and there are several facilities. You can rent parasols and sunbeds, and there is a tavern near the beach.

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