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Chalikiada Beach - This beach is the naturist Beach of the island of Agistri and it is situated in a rocky cove in the south east side of the island. You can reach the beach by a short swim from a nearby inlet of you can climb down a steep path. This beach is a little bit more difficult to access. There are no facilities here like sunbeds, umbrellas and tavernas so you must bring your own water and food.

Skliri Beaches - These beaches are situated between Skala in the north and the beach of Chalikiada in the south east of the island. This part of the island has a very dramatic and beautiful coastline with some beaches.

Skala Beaches - The beaches of Skala stretch all the way from the village of Skala along the north coast to Mylos. It is a collection of several beaches, some of them are pebble beaches and the main beaches have sand. They have gentle waves and are safe for children. On the other side of Skala there are more small pebble beaches. Some of the beaches have facilities and tavernas on them.

Megalochori/Mylos Beaches - Also around the village of Mylos in the north east of the island there are several beaches, both pebble and sand. Some of the larger ones like the main beach come with facilities like sunbeds, tavernas and hotels. One of the best beaches in the area is called Xekofti Beach. Megalochori is a traditional quiet settlement with also some modern hotels, some bars and tavernas. It still remains a peaceful place with stone built houses that are painted white and a Culture Centre that displays archeological finds. Megalochori is situated at a 2,5 kilometer distance from the village of Skala and connected to it by bus.

Mariza - Mariza is not really a beach, it is more like a platform from which you can jump into the water. It is situated in a small cove close to the village of Limenaria. Here the sea and the waves are more rough than on the north side of the island.

Dragonera Beach - This pebble beach is situated in a large cove off the road between Mylos and Limenaria, about approximately 4 km from Skala. It is a popular but more quiet beach with a taverna and some facilities like sunbeds. On the beach they play relaxing music. The landscape here is beautiful as it is surrounded by mountains that are covered with pine trees. There is a view of a small uninhabited island from the beach. Dragonera Beach can be reached by bus (and a short walk), by taxi from Skala, or on foot.

Aponissos Beach - Aponissos Beach is situated in the south west of the island of Agistri. This is a small sandy beach and there are no sunbeds for rent. The beach lies in beautiful surroundings and it is a favorite for owners of yachts. In the high season there is a small taverna opened for your food and water, but outside this period it is wise to bring your own. Sometimes it is possible to take a water taxi to this beach or another option is to take the bus to the capital Limenaria and then walk to the west coast. Just behind Aponissos Beach there is a small lake.

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