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Let's face it: the island of Aegina is not world famous for its beaches, although there are a few nice ones that you can visit. The fact that most of the Saronic islands are within easy reach of the capital of Greece means that the beaches can get quite crowded during the weekends with inhabitants of Athens that come to the island for a short visit. From the mainland it takes about an hour to reach Aegina with the ferry boat. The number of beaches for naturists is quite limited. There are some coves north of Aegina Town, past the Kolona archeological site, about half a kilometer away after the first beach you see after Kolona. Here there are some rocks that are sometimes used by naturists for swimming and sunbathing. A kilometer north of these coves there are more coves with rocks and one small pebble beach.

Agia Marina Beach - This is the town beach of the tourist resort / village of Agia Marina, which is named after the church at the end of the beach. It is situated in a bay at the east side of the island of Aegina. Agia Marina is an organized and sandy beach with sunbeds and parasols and a choice in watersports. The beach is shallow and so it is perfect for families with small children. On the beach there is plenty of choice in tavernas and restaurants for a drink, lunch or a dinner. Agia Marina Beach is the largest beach on the island. Because of this and because the village is situated close to the famous Alphaia Temple, Agia Marina has developped into the major tourist village of the island.

Souvala Beach - This beach in the north of the island is a sand / pebble beach where you can find therapeutic hot and cold springs. It is situated about 10 kilometers from Aegina Town and the small harbor town has its own direct connection to Piraeus on the mainland. Souvala is a lively place where you can find hotels, restaurants and bars. The beach is organized and there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent.

Perdika Beach - This beach is situated in the south west of the island opposite the small island of Moni. The distance to the capital is 9 kilometer. It is a small but picturesque beach with sand and some rocks. On Perdika Beach there are no beach beds or umbrellas fo rent, but there are some trees here for natural shade. From Perdika you can reach the opposite island of Moni by boat in about ten minutes. There are deer, peacocks and goats living on the island. On the north side of Moni you will find a quiet unorganized beach and two small canteens. The waters around the island are clear and excellent for snorkeling. See also my page about Moni Island which contains more information and a small movie of the island. For hotels, apartments and studios in Perdika - click here.

Not far from Perdikia, a little southeast of the village, is the large sandy beach called Sarpa Beach. From this beach you also have views of a couple of islands (Moni and Methana) and of the Peloponnese on the mainland. On the beach are beach beds and umbrellas for rent and there is a small cantina that serves drinks and where you can buy something to eat. There is also a volleyball field.

Just southeast of Sarpa Beach,in the next bay, you can find the beach of Klima. This is a small beach with sand and pebbles. There are no facilities on the beach, but in the summer months there are some sunbeds and parasols. The small beach is surrounded by tall trees, but these are not on the beach itself. Klima Beach is also a place where many boats drop their anchor. Klima Beach is a good place to go snorkeling as there are many fish swimming in the bay. In high season it can get busy.

Marathonas Beach - This beach is situated in the west of the island Aegina in the small traditional fishing village Marathonas. On both sides of the village (both north and south of the harbor pier) you find an organized sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. For those who love shadow: the beaches are surrounded by trees. Marathonas Beach is a popular beach destination, and especially in high season it can get very crowded. The beach is only 4 km away from the capital of Aegina. At the beaches there are tavernas that serve fresh fish. From the beach you look out on the islet of Moni.

Aiginitissa Beach - Trendy and shallow beach (so also safe for children) on the way from Aegina Town to Perdika, in the west of the island. It is an organized beach with sunbeds and parasols, but there are also large eucalyptus trees offering some shade. Aiginitissa Beach quickly fills up during the weekend when young people and Greeks from the mainland come over for a visit. There are cocktail bars and trendy tavernas and during the weekend there are often parties with music. You van play beach volleyball or rent a kayak. During the high season there are yoga lessons on the beach as the sun is going down. The sunsets in Aiginitissa Beach are very pretty.

Aegina Town Beaches Avra Beach (Kolona Beach) - This is the beach in Aegina Town on the left side of the Hill of Kolona, at a walking distance from the ferries. It is a sandy beach with sunbeds and parasols and a good choice in tavernas and restaurants. Avra Beach is within walking distance of the harbor and the beach is the closest one to the capital. From the beach you can see the ferries that visit the island and in the distance on a clear day you can see the islands of Agistri and Methanas and the Peloponnese. You can find many hotels, shops and restaurants around the beach. The entrance to the archaeological site of Kolona is next to the beach.

A little bit more north from Avra Beach you will find Kolona Beach. It is a small and narrow beach, but much more quiet than Avra Beach.

At a distance of a five-minute walk south of the port of Aegina Town you will find the small sandy beach of Panagitsa, which is named after a large church with a red dome, that stands on the promenade. On the beach are sunbeds and parasols for hire and there is a tavena.

Kamares Beach and Prosinemo Beach are two beaches that lie close to each other in the northwest of the island of Aegina. The beaches are popular with young people and Prosimeno Beach is popular with small children because there are toys lying on the beach. Both beaches are organized. There are beach beds and umbrellas for rent and there is a cantina where you can get something to drink.

Loutra beach lies just east of the center of the village Souvala, roughly speaking in the middle of the north of Aegina. The beach takes its name from the natural spring which was found at the beach. Loutra is a few minutes walk from the port of Souvala. It is a sandy beach that slopes gently into the sea. On the beach are tavernas and there are beach beds and umbrellas for hire.

In the northwest of Aegina near the village of Vagia there are two sandy beaches. On one of these two beaches are beach beds and umbrellas for rent, on the other there are some umbrellas in high season. This last smaller beach is situated on the eastern side of the village and it is quieter than the beach in the village itself. The large sandy village beach slopes gently into the sea and is well suited for children. This beach is located on the west side of the harbor. There are tavernas, accommodations, shops and there is a supermarket. From Vagia Beach you look out over Attiki on the mainland and the city of Athens.

Hotels in Aegina, Egina - Antzi Studios - Perdika Beach
Aegina hotels, Antzi Studios - Perdika Beach Aegina hotels, Antzi Studios - Perdika Beach Aegina hotels, Antzi Studios - Perdika Beach Aegina hotels, Antzi Studios - Perdika Beach Aegina hotels, Antzi Studios - Perdika Beach

Antzi Studios is a family-run hotel located in the picturesque Pérdhika. It offers relaxing massage treatments and a terrace with sun loungers and parasols. A cozy bar is provided by the pool. The modern rooms are decorated with bright colours. Each has a balcony, air conditioning and TV. Some also feature a seating area with a sofa and a flat-screen TV. Guests can unwind at the seasonal, outdoor pool. Antzi also offers free Wi-Fi throughout the property and a car rental service. Regional dishes are made with local products and served at the Antzi's restaurant. The poolside bar offers light snacks, coffee and ice cream. Antzi Studios is located around 9 km from Aegina Port. Free parking is available on site.

Check availabilities and prices & book the Antzi Studios in Perdika on Aegina - click here.

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