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Zelda Classic

Super Wario Bros.

"He's a gonna win!"

Still sick of his goody-good brothers, Mario and Luigi, getting all the glory (well, not so much Luigi), Wario and his other brother Waluigi travel back in time, planning to capture Princess Peach, and try to re-route Mario's stardom! The problem is, Bowser has already captured her. So Wario must go through the eight worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom and capture the princess before Mario and Luigi show up.

However, the arrival of Wario and Waluigi makes the Mushroom Retainers, as well as Bowsers minions, very surly. Looks like our anti-heroes'll fit in just fine!

Current Version: v1.0

Title screen
The severed head of a mushroom retainer... I mean, a super mushroom
Fire Wario is about to kick some Bloober butt...
...But as for Spinys, however...
Looks like Waluigi will fill in for this round.