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Trump Suit:   Intellect
Exemplar:   Forge, Tweedledope
Related Powers:   Computer Link, Hyperlinguistics

HyperInvention works very similarly to hyperlinguistics. The hero may rapidly learn how a piece of technology works or how to duplicate a specific effect by constructing a piece of technology. The difficulty of new technologies appears below:

  • Current Human Technology   Easy action
  • Alien Humanoid Technology   Challenging action
  • Alien Non-humanoid Technology   Desperate action

The character needs material to use this power and cannot create something from nothing. When building equipment, this power may be used instead of Intellect.

NOTE: The X-Men Roster Book officially lists Forge's mutant power as "Mechanical Empathy." Hyper-Invention is an alternate way of presenting this ability.


Trump Suit:   Intellect
Exemplar:   Captain Universe, Masque
Related Powers:   Telekinesis, Transmutation, Animation

This power allows you to shape a substance, without changing its composition or chemical structure. This can include shaping rock or metal into giant hands or beautiful artwork. This can also be used to alter peoples faces or bodies.    Limit: Only Non-Living Substances
   Limit: Only Living Substances
   Stunt: Imitation - Others (Alter others' features so they look like someone else)
   Stunt: Ensnarement
   Stunt: Create Physical Weapons

First Aid

Ability:   Intellect


The original game had this as a skill. If the character with this skill makes an Average (8) Intellect action, they can restore one card or the value of a random card in Health to a combatant who fell unconscious during the previous exchange. However, the character cannot perform complex operations or diagnose illnesses, like the Medicine skill. The character can patch together a temporary cure until a real doctor arrives or handle simple ailments like cuts and bruises.

Resist Domination

Ability:   Willpower

The original game had this as a skill. It reduces the difficulty of an action, by one level, to resist mind control, hypnosis, and other things that subjugate one's will. I felt it deserved it's own name, since the closest related skill is Mental Control, and when it comes to conversions, it seems that giving a character Mental Control, when all they had was Resist Domination is a little excessive.