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WRATH OF THE FLAME -- Take a walk with the Gods... (Look for the other part of "The Runes of Asgard" crossover at Shawn's Obscure Villains page)

  1. "IF WISHES WERE HORSES..." -- I hate to say it but, "Be careful what you wish for..."
  2. 4 OUT OF 5 AIN'T BAD -- You won't miss it until it's gone...

THERE IS NO "I" IN "TEAM" -- Go Team Go!!

HELL HATH NO FURY -- A Valentine's Day massacre...

PUTTING 2 AND 2 TOGETHER -- Put your thinking caps on!


THE THINK TANK -- This is a repository for things that don't have a place on the rest of the site. Take a look if you dare...

RANDOM CHARACTER GENERATOR -- A JavaScript program written by yours truly...

THE INFINITY GEMS -- written by Firebomb.

MARVEL SAGA FONTS -- Here are some fonts that will make viewing this page more fun (if that's possible). Plus, you can use them in your own webpages and printouts.

POWER LIST -- assembled according to Ability.

ARTICLE/ADVENTURE LIST -- in case you've gotta have it ALL!

CHARACTER LIST -- assembled alphabetically, this list also includes NPC's from the published adventures.

MAP of MARVEL MANHATTAN -- this is a useful picture of Manhattan from the Marvel Universe, showing significant locations.

AGE OF APOCALYPSE MAP -- For those with a taste for the extreme... (WARNING: BIG FILE!)

HELICARRIER SCHEMATICS -- Put on that eyepatch and growl like Nick Fury!!.

FLASH Fate Deck -- I made a MSHAG Fate Deck using FLASH. It doesn't keep track of which cards have been drawn (meaning, theoretically, you could draw 10 Ten Doom Cards in a row...), but at least you don't have to worry about keeping track of paper cards. As a matter of fact, for those dice enthusiasts, this is one step better than a Fate Deck, since each draw is completely random (as far as psuedo-random number generators can be...) and you can still use Fate Deck rules.

Fighting Skill Conversion Rules -- I noticed that some of the Marvel Classic Fighting skills do not translate very well to SAGA, so this is what I came up with...