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Edwardsville Fire Fighters Local 1700

Edwardsville Fire Fighters Local 1700 Members.

Hello. Welcome to the homepage of Edwardsville Fire Fighters Local 1700. This page will, or should be changing often, so keep checking back.
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Child Passenger Safety

Local 1700 represents the paid career fire fighters of the Edwardsville Fire Department. We are a member of the IAFF, and the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (AFFI).

Edwardsville is a combination department with 18 paid career fire fighter/paramedics. The department has one Fire Chief, and three Captains. The Edwardsville Fire Department operates 4 ALS ambulances (1317,1318,1327 & 1328), 1 1500 GPM pumper (1310), 1 1250 GPM pumper (1320), 1 1000 GPM reserve pumper (1312), 1 2000 GPM 75' Aerial ladder Quint (1315), 1 400 GPM mini-pumper/rescue (1323), and 2 Jeep Cherokee utility vehicles (1319 & 1329). We answer about 2000 calls per year, of which about 80% is EMS related.
(Shown below is ALS ambulance 1317 and Engine 1320.)

10 Fire Safety Tips:

1) Install and Maintain Smoke Detectors!

Install them on each level of your home and outside of each sleeping area. Follow the manufacturer's directions, and test once a week. Replace batteries twice a year, or when the detector chirps to signal that the battery is dead. Don't ever take the battery out for other uses!

2) Plan and Practice Your escape.

If fire breaks out in your home, you must get out fast. With your family, plan two ways out of every room. Choose a meeting place outside where everyone should gather. Once you are out, stay out! Have the whole family practice the escape plan at least twice a year.

3) Space Heaters Need Space.

Keep portable space heaters at least 3 feet (1 meter) from paper, curtains, furniture, clothing, bedding, or anything else that can burn. Never leave heaters on when you leave home or go to bed, and keep children and pets well away from them.

4) Be Careful Cooking.

Keep cooking areas clear of combustibles, and don't leave cooking unattended. Keep your pot's handles turned inward so children won't knock or pull them over the edge of the stove. If grease catches fire, carefully slide a lid over the pan to smother the flames, then turn off the burner.

5) A Match is a Tool for Adults.

In the hands of a child, matches or lighters are extremely dangerous. Store them up high where kids can't reach them, preferably in a locked cabinet. And teach your children from the start that matches and lighters and lighters are tools for adults, not toys for kids. If children find matches, they should tell an adult immediately.

6) Use Electricity Safely!

If an appliance smokes or begins to smell unusual, unplug it immediately and have it repaired. Check all your electrical cords, and replace any that are cracked or frayed. If you use extension cords, replace any that are cracked or frayed; and don't overload them or run them under rugs. Remember that fuses and circuit breakers protect you from fire: don't tamper with the fuse box or use fuses of an improper size.

7) Cool a Burn.

If someone gets burned, immediately place the wound in cool water for 10 to 15 minutes to ease the pain. Do not use butter on a burn, as this could prolong the heat and further damage the skin. If burn blisters or chars, see a doctor immediately.


Everyone should know this rule: if your clothes catch fire, don't run! Stop where you are, drop to the ground, and roll over and over to smother the flames. Cover your face with your hands to protect your face and lungs.

9) Crawl Low Under Smoke.

If you encounter smoke using your primary exit, use your alternate route instead. If you must exit through smoke, clean air will be several inches off the floor. Get down on your hands and knees, and crawl to the nearest safe exit.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us by clicking on the fire alarm box.....

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