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HCS Varsity Boy's Cumulative 2004-2005 Stats

Player Games Points PPG FG FG % FT FT %
Loren Barton 17 784.627/5549%9/1850%
Jonny Barton241024.313/4628%37/4877%
Sean Bayer24903.833/7942%23/5145%
Josh Ellis1512.83/838%0/00%
Nate Glass242881268/14746%50/8063%
Billy Hague241847.760/12947%22/4154%
Zach Howard2324710.742/11437%55/7079%
Preston Lamarca23662.98/2335%11/1385%
Carlton Leppelman5510/10%5/863%
Mike Maerzluft231376.250/10448%31/5457%
*Jordan Martinson14201.47/1354%6/6100%
*Tyler O'Brien82.30/00%2/2100%
*Kyhl Pearson141.10/40%1/250%
Mike Petersen2125312102/20550%42/7358%
Note that FG 's only are of 2 point shots and do not include threes.

Player Games 3 PT 3 PT % Reb Asst Stls TO BS
Loren Barton17 4/944%651616184
Jonny Barton24 13/3142%461019214
Sean Bayer24 0/20%929132812
Josh Ellis15 2/729%213110
Nate Glass24 34/11230%15639338215
Billy Hague24 14/4730%63115726317
Zach Howard23 36/9339%644329622
Preston Lamarca23 13/4529%1147150
Carlton Leppelman5 0/00%30030
Mike Maerzluft23 2/1315%803314488
Jordan Martinson14 0/00%1835120
Tyler O'Brien8 0/20%31040
Kyhl Pearson14 0/10%30030
Mike Petersen21 2/729%1122331316

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