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HCS Varsity Boy's 2002-2003 Stats

Player Games Points PPG FG FG % FT FT %
Aja Ajanwachuku2140519.29155/27257%57/7972%
Bryant Baum17211.245/1338%2/2100%
Loren Barton241646.8373/13056%14/2850%
Aaron Garcia24803.3329/7340%7/1644%
Bryan Glass24135 5.6339/7651%15/2560%
Josh Hamilton2341317.96144/23362%36/4777%
Jesse McDonald24337 14.0460/14143%58/8073%
Danny Marriott16261.638/2040%4/580%
Josh Martinson2370 3.0426/5944%10/2343%
Steve Pappas2364 2.7823/6536%9/2045%
Nate Patterson35 1.672/450%1/250%
Trevor Wagstaffe2471 2.9620/6033%16/3348%
Note that FG 's only are of 2 point shots and do not include threes.

Player Games 3 Pointers 3 PT % Reb Asst Stls TO BS
Aja Ajawachuku2112/3534%917195592
Bryant Baum172/729%1631130
Loren Barton242/633.3%16521503625
Aaron Garcia244/2218%782936256
Bryan Glass247/3421%751742332
Josh Hamilton2324/7432%692945592
Jesse McDonald2453/14836%14375628027
Danny Marriott162/729%1576150
Josh Martinson 235/2223%60816303
Steve Pappas233/1421%282220572
Nate Patterson30/0 0%81410
Trevor Wagstaffe244/1921%896041627

Photos by Randy Burk

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