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The Niki McCretton Tribute Archive

Welcome to
The Niki McCretton Tribute Archive

(Created by Robin Chase, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
The Niki McCretton Tribute Archive contains material that was included in the original official website of British physical-theatre specialist Niki McCretton. Created in February 2003 by Robin Chase, the original website covered the period of Niki's career circa 2001 to early 2007. Along with other projects and ongoing news, it included details, photographs and reviews of six movement-based shows that she presented during that period: Worm-Hole, Heretic, Throw Me A Bone, Relative, Muttnik: The First Dog In Space and Space 50.

All of that material has been preserved in this Archive (with only minor alterations) as a lasting tribute to Niki. The Archive Menu (below) has links to sub-sections for all those shows plus links to other webpages involving other projects, a news sub-archive, contact information and a biography (updated as of May 2007 only). We hope visitors will take the time to peruse this Archive and to learn more about Niki and her outstanding achievements.

NIKI'S NEW OFFICIAL WEBSITE --- Effective 17 May 2007, Niki launched her New Official Website at with the same name as her original website: Niki McCretton Presents! Her new website contains full information regarding her fabulous 2007 show -- Space 50 -- which is touring the U.K. The image at the top of this page, showing Niki as a cosmonaut, is a promotional graphic for Space 50. The new website also offers full details on her children's show -- Muttnik: The First Dog In Space -- which she is offering as a touring companion to Space 50.

SHOWS: Space 50 | Muttnik: The First Dog In Space
Relative | Worm-Hole | Throw Me A Bone | Heretic

OTHER: Niki News Archive | Niki's Biography
Bridgwater On Bridgwater | Bridgwater Dance Challenge
SPECIAL: The Fionnbarr Factory Presents "21 Tales"
CONTACT US: Contact Information

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ARCHIVE EDITOR'S NOTE --- The content of this archive is intended for artistic promotional and informational purposes only. All images, illustrations, reviews and news articles gleaned from other sources are the property of the original copyright holders and, where known, are duly credited.
All other material ŠNiki McCretton & Robin Chase.

The Niki McCretton Tribute Archive Created May 2007

Original Official Website Created February 2003

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