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The Reiki Principles

"Just for today, do not worry." Mikao Usui

"Just for today, do not anger." Mikao Usui

Photograph Courtesy of Jo Lance Photography

"Honor your teachers, your parents, your neighbors, your friends." Mikao Usui

Photograph Courtesy of Christopher Appoldt Photography

"Count your blessings and show gratitude for your food."
Chujiro Hayashi
"Give thanks for all Living Things." Mikao Usui

"Be kind to everything that has life." Chujiro Hayashi

"Earn your living honestly." Mikao Usui

Photograph Courtesy of Ronnie Schultz Photography


Many thanks to Reiki Masters Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi for these words of wisdom,
to Hawayo Takata for bringing them, and the gift of Reiki, to the West,
and to Amy Rowland, who taught me what they mean.

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"The Power of God" composed and recorded by Karen Biehl
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