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Eli's Favorite Hangouts

Meetup Groups:
Brooklyn Chihuahua Meetup Group
New York City Chihuahua Meetup Group
New York City Small Dog Meetup Group
New York Toy Dog Play Group
Washington Square Park Small Dog Run Group
Kibbles 'n Bark

Other Fun Groups:
Leashes and Lovers
North Shore Animal League Party Animals

Dogwalks and Parades:
American Cancer Society Dogwalk
ASPCA Dogwalk
National Dog Day
Parkerfest Dogwalk

Cool Online Hangouts:

My Pet Scene

Doggy Day Care:
Canine Ranch (82nd and Columbus location)

Dog Parties:
Happy Paws
Animal Haven Soho

Best Doggie Treats and Dog Event Catering:
Ada Nieves Parties, Cakes, Treats

Favorite Dog-Friendly Pub:
Bailey's Corner Pub

Dog-Friendly Outdoor Cafes/Restaurants:
Barking Dog Luncheonette
79th Street Boat Basin Cafe

Cafe St. Bart's
Fred's Restaurant
French Roast
La Cocina

Doggie Apparel:

Wiggles (high end couture, which Eli modeled at Pet Fashion Week)
Caitlyn's Canine Boutique
(adorable clothes at reasonable prices, owned by one of Eli's girlfriends)
Bullyware: adorable play clothes for pups
Bitch New York (wide range of designer clothes)
Ada Nieves for Dogs Apparel (custom made formal and casual wear)
Deni Alexander Designs (custom made formal wear)
Dogue Designs (beautiful couture for the discriminating dog)
Chloe's Custom Harness (perfect custom fit)
Doggles (cool sunglasses and hats)
Dogs are People Too (Eli's favorite shoes and Polo shirts)
Precious Pup (great shoes)
Puppe Couture (very unique original designs)
Pet Edge (incredible prices)
Trixie and Peanut (excellent collars, leashes, carriers)

Cutest Purses for Dog Owners:
Heidi's Doggie Treasures

Most Unique and Comfy Carrier:


Best Fashion Magazine:
New York Dog Magazine

Best Fashion Show:
Pet Fashion Week

Favorite Animal Magazine:

New York Tails Magazine

Favorite Pet Entertainment Magazine:

Pet E! Magazine

Best Dog Entertainment/Fashion Website:

Eli's Celebrity Friends:
Laurie and Andrew
Ada Nieves and Celebrity Chihuahuas
Jorge Bendersky and Tito
Bocker the Labradoodle
Rick Caran and Jilli Dog
Laura Nativo and Preston
Dr. David Best and Elvis
Puck, the Doxie Model

Most Comfortable Hypo-Allergenic Beds:

Best Vets:
Dr. Downie, West Side Vets (Eli's vet, also great with exotics)
Dr. Prata (Eli's orthopedic surgeon)
Dr. Berg (Eli's acupuncturist)

Best Radio Talk Shows:
Dog Talk Radio (with host Tracie Hotchner)
Oh, Behave! with Arden Moore, Pet Life Radio
Conscious Animal Radio with Christine Agro

Eli's Favorite Spiritual Hangouts:
Amy Roland (Traditional Reiki Master)
Reiki Meetup Group
The Secret (Eli's Favorite Movie)
Law of Attraction Meetup Group
Peak Potentials
John Demartini
James Ray International

Best Art Gallery:
Barkin' Arts

Favorite Photographers:
Jan Meissner

Mary Bloom

Petographs by Ixiana Hernandez

Mark McQueen

Christopher Appoldt

Jo Lance

Ronnie Schultz

Brewster Smith

Animal Portraits:

Arlene Horton

Karen Derrico

Lynn Foster

Feron Productions

Valerie White

Laurie Edmonds

Animal Charities:
Animal Haven
North Shore Animal League
Stray from the Heart
Waggytail Rescue

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Photo of Eli in his sunglasses courtesy of Valerie White

"Soul Basso Nova" performed by Quincy Jones
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