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Eli WINS First Place: Best Dog Owner Combination
at the 21st Annual Tompkins Halloween Dog Parade,
October 22, 2011

Photo: Tompkins Square

Eli walked in his costume and did tricks for the judges!

Photo: Time Out New York

And was interviewed by Russian TV!

Photo: Business Insider

Then Eli the peacock appeared all over the internet!

The New York Post, 10/23/11

The Gothamist, October 23, 2011

BestWeekEverTV.com, 10/23/11

The San Francisco Chronicle, 10/23/11

CNN, 10/23/11

ContactMusic, 10/23/11

Metromix, 10/23/11

And was on NY1 all weekend!

And in The Quest for "it", 10/23/11

Time Out New York

The Stir, 10/24/11

And even in the Houston Chronicle!

And back in the San Francisco Chronicle, 10/24/11

And also is voted the #2 Photo on starcasm.net, 10/24/11!

Then flies to Puerto Rico for an appearance, 10/25/11

And is in MNBC!

And the Huffington Post!

And Germany!

And the Telegraph, 10/25/11

And picture of the Day (10/25/11) on NY1!

And you know you have really made it when you end up on Perez Hilton's site!



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