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Eli's Press Page

Eli at Serge Strosberg's NYC Amazons Opening, May 20, 2010
Posing in front of his sketch

Photo: Matt Wayne

Photo: Tom Harmon

CLICK HERE to see the New York Celebrity Dog Examiner Coverage of the Opening

With Serge Strosberg

Eli with designed Richie Rich at the opening

Eli in Orange Juice and Biscuits Blog

Photo: Tom Harmon

Eli in Tineey & Co. Blog

Photo: Tom Harmon

Photo Credit: Cognac Wellerlane/CognacsCorner.tv

With Celebrity Magician Matt Wayne

Photo Credit: Richard Renda Totally Cool ®

New York Junior League Post-Shopping Fashion Show at David Barton Gym,
May 15, 2010

See Eli's coverage of the event at New York Celebrity Dog Examiner

Eli with Beth Ostrosky Stern at her "Oh My Dog" Book Signing
May 10, 2010

See Eli's coverage at the New York Celebrity Dog Examiner

Eli with Eddie the Produce Guy, Double A, Mariann from Brooklyn and High Pitch Eric

Eli with Eddie the Produce Guy and Double A

Eli with Jorge Bendersky at "Oh My Dog" signing


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