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Eli's Press Page

See Eli on America's Next Top Dog: The Princess here
Episode 5: The Somali Pirate

Episode 3: Heidi Hills

Eli Being Inteviewed on Cognac's Corner

Eli in Harper's Bazaar, April 2010

Eli in Bloomingdales Spring 2010 Calendar

Eli on Bloomingdale's Site, March 2010

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Eli modeling sunglasses on Bloomingdales Site

Eli in Fido Friendly Magazine, June 2010

Eli in the New York Times, Style Section, April 4, 2010

Eli in the Daily News, March 30, 2010

An excert from "Leashes and Lovers" by Sheryl Matthys

To read more, order a copy at Amazon

Eli in "The Chihuahua" by Susan Payne:
Walking the red carpet with Nora Dunn at
the NSAL DogCatemy Awards

Photo: Christopher Appoldt

Eli's Shoot in Central Park with Fran Reisner, April 2010

Photos: Fran Reisner


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