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Eli's HALL of FAME

Eli on the red carpet at Laurie and Andrew's Birthday Fundraiser
for United Maltese Rescue, Inc., March 28, 2009

Click here to see Eli in the Stafford County Sun

And the DC Examiner!

Eli with birthday boy Andrew, and celebrity pups Leroy and Jilli

Posing with Rick Caran and Jilli Dog

Eli's photo by Jim Poor taken at Andrew's Big Birthday Bash

Photo by Jim Poor

Eli at a NSAL party in Soho,
with Chloe, March 25, 2009

Eli with friends Lena and Loopy Tatar, and others

Eli gives a speech on "The Winner's Mindset"
at the 2009 NYC Barking Beauty Pageant

Click here to see Amy Sacks' Examiner article re Eli's tips

Eli in the Gothamist

Photo: Katie Sokoler, The Gothamist

Eli with 2007 Barking Beauty Chloe

Eli with the winners and runners-up

Eli's photo taken at the pageant by Steven Rosen

Steven Rosen Photography

Eli at the Martha Stewart Studio, March 17, 2009

From Martha Stewart's Blog: The Daily Wag

In the studio

Eli at the Philly Barking Beauty Pageant, March 15, 2009

Photo by Sit Pretty Photo

Before the pageant with 2007 Barking Beauty Chloe

The judges at work at the pageant

All the Barking Beauties pose for a group photo after the pageant:


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