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Eli's HALL of FAME

Eli meets author Rennie Dyball at "A Famous Dog's Life" Book Signing, May 3, 2011

Eli poses next to his role model's book!

Photo: Greg Kleva

Eli Rocks the Runway at Benefit for Yorkie Rescue 911, May 2, 2011

Photo: Rick Caran

Thd Doggie Moms cut the ribbon at Bark for Life walk for the ACS, May 2, 2011

Eli in "The Dogs of Central Park" by Fran Reisner

Animal Fair Magazine's St. Pawtricks Benefit for the Humane Society,
March 16

Photo: Michael Stewart (Wireimage)

Photo: Michael Stewart (Wireimage)

Karen and Eli at the Mayor's Alliance Primping for Pups at Mark Garrison Salon, 2/23/11

With Mark Garrison

Photo: Mayor's Alliance

Photo: Mayor's Alliance

Karen and Eli on Fame Game, 2/23/11

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Karen and Eli attend the "Doggie Moms" Launch Party, 2/15/11

Photo: Jo Lance

Eli models for Hec-Lin Designs by Roberto Negrin

Photo: Monkey Pig Pet Photography

Photo: Monkey Pig Pet Photography



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