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The Facts

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

How many wrongs till Kirstin gets her rights?

Wrongly convicted by a "confession" involving a completely different incident - on a completely different date - in a completely different part of town with completely different scenarios and different description

  • Passed 3 separate polygraph tests verifying she did NOT commit the crime
  • No forensic or physical evidence linking accused to the crime
  • Eyewitness testimony and phone records prove accused was in a different town and nowhere near the scene at the time of the crime one eyewitness passed polygraph test proving truth of testimony
  • A police detective pre-determined the accused was guilty and refused to listen to new facts because "he already had the right person in custody"
  • Prosecution shows extremely weak case offer of plea bargain of only 3 years in prison in exchange for a capital murder conviction
  • Financial limitations prevent accused from getting experienced and expert legal defense 
  • A seasoned Prosecutor overwhelms an inexperienced Public Defender
  • Public Defender filing error prevents key defense forensic witness testimony from being presented at trial
  • Prosecution obtains jailhouse "snitch" hearsay testimony that is an obvious attempt by witness to get leniency in her own criminal case; facts surrounding this witness and testimony never presented to jury
  • Prosecutorial comments made in open court reveal prejudices against the accused because of her lifestyle and place of residence
  • Legal system repeatedly uses defendant's alleged drug use to cover numerous and vast discrepancies in a confession to one thing and a conviction for something else despite accused's 100% drug free blood and urine test results

This incredible true story reveals how a bizarre combination of multiple misconceptions, inconsistent but vaguely coincidental occurrences, unjust prejudices and an inexperienced, inept legal defense compound to turn a justice system designed to protect and preserve rights into a real-life horror story


Read and sign the new Justice for Kirstin petition

Visit the new website, Free Kirstin Lobato: Innocent and Unjustly Convicted in Nevada

I Want Justice!
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