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    1.  Hey Billy what is happening with the
    All New Gimikk Band ?

    We have been playing
    allot, working on new material, and working at getting a bit further out
    of town.

    2.  So a Lot more summer appearance's – so when and where?
    Any Big 4th of July plans?

    Next we will be haunting Sud Suckers on June 15th, and at Mikey's in Waukee on Saturday the 16th.  More dates are constantly being added so
    keep checking our website www.gimikk.com
    We keep our calender pretty well up-to-date.

    3. Who is currently in the band? How's that going?

    Gimikk's members are:
    Steve Lash (Vocals),
    Jimmy Vanluong (Lead),
    Cy Chan (Rhythm),
    Kip Porter (Drums),
    and me Billy Seven (Bass). 


    Steve Lash (Lead Vocalist) has decided to leave Gimikk to pursue new adventures in Florida. Gimikk wishes Steve the best of luck in his new endeavor! Great times.

    Gimikk's new lead vocals is James Brinker who formerly
    sang with Rendered.

    We have grown a lot as a band, yet we are just as hungry as the first time we plugged in together.

Billy Sevenbergen

Of Gimmikk


4.   When did you join? How did it happen?

Well back In 2001 previous vocalist, John Dingeman, had contacted me about needing a Bassist.  At that point I had been playing guitar in the band 'MindSplice' and in all honesty, I had never considered playing Bass.  Now I can't put it down!

5. What other bands have you played with: Who was in them? Where are they now? What happen with those acts ?

In high school I started my first project with Jason Handy from 'Ash Veneer'.  He thought up the name 'Retro Grade'.  We worked with vocalist Chris Markum and we only played once, in a Lincoln High School talent show.  **This was way before the 'American Bass Core', 'Retro Grade' that people later really new. in 2000 I began working on a project with Dan Walsted from 'Lost Rockets'.  We soon brought in some buddies of mine out of high school, Josh Dalton and Heath Haywood from 'Lost Rocket'. 


    We only played one show at Hairy Marys.  Within that same year I met 'Sinhinge's' Paul VanWeelden and Mark Loomis.  I joined their already established band, 'Mindsplice', and began working with guitarist Jim Catron and female vocalist Kitty.  We had played a few local gigs before Kitty moved away and Mark found other interests.

    6.When did you start playing the bass? and the guitar?

    I had actually started playing guitar at the age of 14.

Mike Curry secound from right


7.Have you or do you take any guitar lessons?

When I was younger I took lessons under Michael Curry of 'Atomic Opera'.  He taught me most everything through tab.Recently I have been studying classical guitar through Paul Wilson's 'Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe',  under the Christopher Parkening Method.


8.    Who where your main influences – Musically and personally as a bass player?

When I was 8 years old, 'Guns n Roses' had released 'Appetite for Destruction'.  That was the first cassette tape I owned that really moved me and sucked me in.  Now as a Bassist I'm inspired by so many.  To name a few:  Billy Sheehan, Flea, Jason Newstead, Rudy Sarzo, Paul McArtney, Duff McKeagen, and Cliff Burton to name a few lewy keeps up on all the rare bass player videos thx bro.

9.  Who did you see as the main influences on some of the other band members?
What other side projects do they do – who are they ?

Kip, I see as being inspired by 'Dream Theatre', or perhaps more of an 80's style.  He seem's to have his 'Iron Maiden' down as well.  (lol)  As far as Jimmy and Cy, I think they are both influenced by such diverse styles.  I know Jimmy has been inspired by more of your studio musicians; he has mainly focused on Vai, Malmsteen, and  Satriani. In fact, Jimmy and Cy have another project as well with a band called 'New Moon'.  They play more traditional styles inspired by their heritage, playing mostly weddings.  However, the general public can more than likely catch them at an Asianfest, or perhaps Prairie Meadows.

10)  How is the original work going – can we expect more new stuff any time soon?

We are still in the process of writing and playing out quite a bit, and unfortunately we have had to take a few acenic routes that were unplanned.  However, writing is in the works, and we look forward to releasing our sophmore recordings.


11.   What is your role in all this – what inspires you to write?

 I have written a majority of the lyrics heard on 'Gimikk's' recordings.  Usually Jimmy will lay down some rough recordings, and perhaps Cy or Kip might tell me what kind of atmosphere that piece may be taking them to.   Or like others, I may write about what maybe going on in my life, or what I might have experienced.. .

12.  So are Cy and Jimmy endorsed by Orange?

Lol!  They wish, however, I don't think they would easily reject the idea of it.

13. What was the best band to play with and worst band to play with?
Your best gig to date?

Best band to play with.. lol is a band that has a big following and needs a Little Gimikk, nahhh ... man we have played with so many great bands over the years, I can't think of anyone specific we would not want jam with again. As far as my best gig hands down it was this one show! a show I will never forget it was when we played The Autobon's Ragbrai show. it was the one of the biggest crowds we may ever see.  There where over 17,000 screaming bikers, It was definitely one Hell of a Rush. Lots of T-n-A

14.Can you recall any horror stories? worst band, bar, city to play? 

Not really any horror story's, however technical difficulties happen. 
That's usually the only real downer.

15. Seems like a few yr's back there was some bad blood between Dsm Locals Cold Filtered - and Gimikk.  has that been resolved, & are you both are more supportive one another? 

There wasn't ever really 'Bad Blood', it was mostly trash-talk with in our previous vocalist, as well as people outside the circle.  But we have played Hawg Stock with them since then and all is cool! We are planning on playing hawgstock again thhis year with them,

16. What other local acts have impressed you?   & Who do you like to go see on nights off? 

I would have to say Bob Pace is the most talented guitarist in our area; I usually check him out on Tuesdays at Blues On Grand.   Anyway, without going into a bunch of name dropping, nearly every band I see does something for me.  Whether it's one talented musician that stands out, or a band who plays the most simple, stupid riffs; but puts on a hell of a show & has fun

17. How do you think are greatly under rated nationally or locally? 

I can't really answer that, however, I've seen some of the best song writers and musicians.  There is a chance, unfortunately, that they may never be acknowledged, due to not having a certain image or not being considered marketable.

18. What is in the bass rig? What bass guitars do you play? 

I play the Hartke UX3500 combo while pushing a 15" Cab as Well.  On the pedal board I keep a Vox Volume, Morley Wah (seldom used), Digitech Chorus, Boss Tuner, and an MXR Bass EQd+.  For Basses, I've been playing a WarWick Corvette for the last couple years.  I've also carried a Schecter Bass to the gigs as a back-up, however, I think the active EMG's give it most of its tone.  And I have recently picked up a Yamaha Additude, Billy Sheenham signature Bass. And a B.C. RICH MockingBird that looks pretty Sick!!!

19.Sound quality is a very important quality of live performance – how do you make sure it is the best possible - which is on the sound team? (in ear monitors ?) 

For the last couple years we have been using Nady Wireless.  At this point I don't ever see us going back to Wedges.  We have brought Doug Potter on board doing sound.  He is probably one of the most talented people we have ever worked with.


20. What is with the monkey on Kips "Kip-start-my-heart's" drum set? is it just for atmosphere or symbolic, or a Mascott of some kind? (monkey on your back)

I'm not sure, but I bet it has seen more crazy shit than we have on stage.  In fact I think he might just sit and observe and then reports back to Kip at the end of the night, lol!  

21.How do you guys agree on covers in the set list - originals and covers?

Usually the tunes we cover are based on whats within the vocalist range.  Other then that, whatever the crowd will dig upon.  From there we will sneak in originals through the previous songs key, or tempo. ... At this point I have mostly been listening to the Voices in my Head!!!!


22. It seems like one aspect of the music scene that musicians have a difficult time with is management, bookings and labels – any advice to others? Where does Gimikk standwith all of this now?

Do it yourself, everyone needs to want the same things and be dedicated, in the same frame of mind.  You cannot rely on outside sources to handle your business.

23. What are you wanting to tell us about that we forgot to ask?
Any other promotions we should be aware of – website – videos – events – sponsors - girlfriend?

Well I do have a grilfirend see pic. (w/Terry Chumbly's pink jackson Bass from the 80's - ) and other band info just stay tuned and all ways check out the website and surf are myspace page's So be on the look out for a lot more gigs this summer and 'Gimikk' news to come soon. Get on are mailing list gimmickband@yahoo.com


Belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! - To Courtney (left)


24. You guys have a few cool videos are they on youtube yet?
If so can you give so the link ?

We have invested alot of time and money into a few video productions, due to our recent departure with our previous vocalist.  They will no longer be released.  However, as the demand for marketing our next recordings, we will look forward to working back in the video production.

25. Last time somebody asked you for a Autograph?

Last Wednesday actually.  Usually, if its not a young kid at some big event, then it's someone who may have had too much to drink.  LOL.

Hey Billy (Bro) Thanks again for all you do - and all the help you have done video taping shows with us. And Thanks to Rockin Robin for the Word Process gig !

You Da'man!!!


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