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Our November : "Thanksgiving" Interview With John Dingman of Gimmick


1- Name three things your Thankful for this year ?

My family, my friends and the band.

2 - White or Dark Meat ?

I think everybody should have a little bit of both on their plate.

  3- Pumpkin or Mince Meat ?


4 - Pilgrim or Indian ?

Pilgrim. We as a band are ready for our music to reach the land.

5- Who is in the Band?

Jimmy Vanluong (Lead guitar), Cy Chandavong
(Guitars) , Kip Porter (drums) , Billy Sevenbergen (Bass) and John Dingeman (Vocals) .

6-What other bands have you all been in ?

There are too many to name. Gimmick is the only one I count. If I had to Jimmy has been in Hollow Heart (with John) and New Moon; Cy has been in New Moon; Kip has been in Body Blow (with John) and Gimmick; Billy has been in (?) and Gimmick; I have been in Hollow Heart, Crystal Tear, Upper Level Disturbance, Poker Alice, and Gimmick.

Billy and Jimmy Jammin
  7-How Did Gimmick Get Started ?
Why the Name Gimmick ..is there one ?

I moved back from Nebraska about 3 years ago and I got a hold of Kip Porter and the original line up was to include Jimmy but because of personal reasons he was unable to go on with the band in the beginning.

We have gone through 2 bass players, Todd from the Screamin' Peas and Darin Casey from the McKenzies; and one guitarist Blake Korns who originally came up with the name Gimmick and is now in Insane Jane in Pella, Iowa.
  • 7.5 . Why the name Gimmick?

    When we were trying to find band names, Kip and I wanted to do another Body Blow for the reason that there were several Gimmicks that we could associate with that name when Blake said why Body Blow? Why not call it Gimmick. is there one? A lot of people ask that question. We don't really feel that there is any Gimmicks. We are just two Asians and three white guys

8. Any Big plans in the near future ?
Yes. We are planning to record either by the end of the year of the beginning of 2005. After we are done recording we do plan on playing out of town and some out of state.

9-What was your favorite gig to date and why ?

Pitchers at Marriott because I got to dance on the dance floor with my soon to be wife, Alison.

  10.Tell us with some fun story ...of partying like a "Rockstar" ever partied with any ?

I was at a Warrant concert when in the show Jani Lane started walking around asking if anyone could sing. I pushed my way through the crowd and ran up to him and replied "I can sing Mother Fucker" He replied back "You can sing, then step right the fuck up here" He first had me stand by the sound board up on a platform and I jammed Cats Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent and Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. Then he stopped and told the band "Hey I think we found ourselves a singer here, you're going to get laid for sure tonight" Then I got on stage with him and we jammed some Led Zeppelin. We did the PeeWee Herman dance before I got off stage. I hate to dance!

This Months Victim John Paul Dingeman of Gimmick
Front and Center

10- What was the worse gig to date and why ?
Southport. I didn't even get to show up for it!! I was so sick and there was a great crowd wanting to see Gimmick play.

* Southport gig left : where some friends and fans filled in for a very ill John:
...the band, guest vocalist and crew did a great job of making the best of a difficult situation.

11- Word Association Time :

Thanksgiving -
Jimmy -
Presidential Election -
Metal -
Des Moines -
Cy -
Cold -
Jack Daniels
Billy -
PR Slut
Peace -
Cold Filtered

12- Who are some of your favorite artist , ones that you see as an influence ?

Bon Jovi (of course) and B J Thomas

Cy: Guitars

Kip Drums : Gimmick

13- Who should quite a call it a day ?

I don't think any band should ever quit until they are unable to give 150%.

14- What is the best thing about singing with Gimmick ?

Free Jack and Coke, bring it on!!

15-Who is your favorites .....
( other then your band - local or national ) :

Guitarist : Ty Taber (from Kings X)
Bass Player: John Myung (Dream Theater)
Drummer: Ticco (Bon Jovi)
Female Vocalist : Sheryl Crow
Keyboardist : David Bryan
Song writer : Jani Lane
Band Groupie : Stephanie and Donna

What artist do you like that everybody else in the band thinks sucks ?

There really isn't one as we are all open to all kinds of music

17 - Whats in your CD Player these days ?
In my CD player right now is my homework for the new songs that we are writing, Nickelback and 3 Doors Down

18- Any locals you like to check out when you can?

Locals you like to check out when you can - Roadshow and Tour of the House.

19. How many days til Christmas .. just kidding ... what is your favorite holiday and why ?

My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day because I get to spend it with my wife.

20. What should we know about the guys in the band ... that they don't want us to know.

I am not going to say 'who' but one word marbles.

21 . Whats the best thing about being in a band in Iowa ?

For us it is the fact that we get to play so many different venues as we are really diverse in what we play for the crowds.

22. Anything else you would like to plug ( Website - support staff - schmoz shit ?)

Our website is www.gimmickband.com and is forever growing and changing.

We are currently in the Battle of the Bands in Ottumwa and that seems to be going pretty good as we are in the semi-finals on December 4, 2004.

We would hope everyone would call Laser 103.3 at 515-244-1033 on Sunday for the Local Licks and request Pull my Trigger, as it seems to be a popular song for our fans.

Thank you Very Much JOHN !!!
Keep Rockin ...

Everyone Request "Pull the Trigger" on Lazers local licks Sunday Night !
Thanks Again !