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Black Plume's Blackfeet Cultural Instruction

Black Plume's Blackfeet Cultural Instruction

THE BOOK ~Black Plume's Weasel People~ by Sharon A. Oakley

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Black Plume was raised by his great-grandparents, Chief Shot Both Sides and Long Time Pipe Woman

Real People Stand Up And Be Counted

Sharon A. Oakley's book titled BLACK PLUME'S WEASEL PEOPLE originated from the promise Black Plume made to his great grandparents to hold the secrets of his people and inform them when the time came. Sharon Oakley's Tsalagi grandfather also imparted the wisdom of his elders to her in the oral tradition. She is a professional educator, writer, parenting educator and enjoys traditional native dance. Black Plume's interests revolved around Blackfeet and First Nations' dance, traditions, music, and culture. He danced, drummed and sang for more than 50 years. With no electricity or cars, in his youth, his leisure time was spent listening to the tales of his people by the elders. Being the first at the Sun Dance, his family, headed by Chief Shot Both Sides, moved their tipi across the mountains and plains by horse and wagon and awaited the festivities. He was blessed to have lived the life of the ancients and still be here today to share these stories with others.

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