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  • Special Thanx to
    Baby Dunk Online
    for contributing the
    When I Think Of You

    3t Videography!

    Videos from other artists that the Tees are in have also been included in this section!

    The Jacksons - Can You Feel It

    Picture Coming...

    Taryll and Taj are featured briefly in this video by the Jacksons!

    Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You

    If you look closely in the beginning of this Janet video you can see Taryll and TJ!

    The Jacksons - 2300 Jackson Street

    Most of the family is in this video. 3T also sings background on the track.


    Picture Coming...

    3T's debut video directed by David Nelson.


    The second video from Brotherhood, directed by Okuwah.


    This video, which includes uncle Michael, was directed by Ralph Ziman.

    I Need You

    Picture Coming...

    This video is set in different environments, with a choir and a beautiful church at the end!

    Tease Me

    This is a great video, slightly dark, but very hot. It involves 3T, some girls and a red cherry.

    Gotta Be You

    3T as the Beatles and a few other famous people! Very creative!

    Tomoya Nagaze - Eternal Flame

    Picture Coming...

    The Tees sing backup on this song and are featured briefly in this video.