(Mostly incomplete list)

@1928, «I principini di Pam-Pam», at the age of 12, Florence, Italy. Production to raise funds for charity.

@1936-37 Teatro Dopolavoro ("After-Work Theater Company"), exact date unknown, «La Trovatella», directed by Carapelli. Also referred to as "Scuola Esperimentale" and "Teatro Esperimentale" ("Experimental School/Theater"), possibly a division of the University of Firenze.

1935 - «La Casa» (Siro Angeli), role of prodigal son

@ 1937 - «Vena d'oro», Amateur Actor Society Contest, Rome, first place

@ 1937 - «Campo di Maggio»

@ 1938 - Firenze, G.U.F.,«Maschera di Carne» (Mazzoncini) as 'thief who goes straight"

1938 - «La Nemica» (The Enemy), Dario Nicodemi, used as audition performance for Emma Gramatica

1938 - «Cena delle beffe» ("Supper of the Pranks"), as Giannetto, for the Dondi-Ninchi Company

1938-1939 - «The Sacred Flame» (Maugham) as paralytic son

1938-1939 - The theatrical company of Annibale Ninchi

"Leaving the company, Rossano returned to Rome, but as soon as it reached the ears of Gioacchino Forzano that the young man was free of his engagements, he hired him for a presentation of «Caesar». The critics regarded as a revelation the new actor in the part of Brutus, a role he accented with a lot of virility. This was followed by an invitation from Renato Simoni, who entrusted to him, aware of his value, the role of the protagonist in «Aminta», with a group of famous actors like: Gino Cervi, la Paganini, Ninchi and la Morelli. It was a stupendous success for the Garden of Boboli in Florence!! Every doubt had by now faded away and Rossano was considered one of the best hopes of our theater."
Rossano Brazzi: Complete Actor, by Pietro Osso, 1942

1938 - «Caesar» (in the role of Brutus)

1938 - «Aminta» (annual festival play), Torquato Tasso. He was recommended for this role by Italian theater critic Renato Simoni.

1938 - «Ventaglio» ("The Fan"). Campiello/Venice.

1940 «The Jester» - Italian critics award

1943 «Othello» - Italian critics award

1944 «Les Mal Aimees»/«Malanime» (J.P. Sartre) - Italian critics award.

1945 «Francesca da Rimini» (Gabriele D'Annunzio) - Italian critics award

1946 «Faust» (Goethe) - Italian critics award

1946/1947 «Strange Interlude» (O'Neill) - Italian critics award - also called "Premier Interlude", and also starred Adreina Pagnani. Although the award was presented in 1947, the play was reported as performed in 1946.

1969 - «Mother Love», W. Somerset Maugham

aired on the BBC-2 on August 12, 1969

Producer: Verity Lambert, Director: Claude Whatham

Principal Cast: Rossano Brazzi, Peter Egan and Amanda Murray

1974 - «La donna del mare», by H. Ibsen, at the Teatro Chieti

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