In the honorable tradition of Charles Dickens, The Lone Ranger and Steven King's Never-Ending Tale of Roland the Gun-Slinger, We Are Proud to Present


(although unlike Charles Dickens, we have fuzzy photos instead of Cruikshank, unlike The Long Ranger, when we yell "tonto!", we're usually speaking Italian, and unlike Roland, we will actually appear on a regular basis ...!

Beginning this month, and continuing on or about the first of every month until we're finished, we will be serializing Rossano's film, Loser Takes All, as this film has proven very difficult to find, in video format. This storybook, told in dialog, photo and text format was originally published in France, in 1957, and we therefore need to translate everything from the original French ... one of the many reasons (not including space) that we are presenting it in chapters. Though we fully expect everyone to develop a passionate loathing for the words, "To be continued!", at least you'll be pleased to know that you're sharing this contempt with millions of readers dating back to the days when Charles Dickens first serialized the story of Little Nell. (Not that this particular serial can be equated with the works of Charles Dickens, but you get the idea).

And because some of you might wish to read the story in its original format, we are also including the French version. In fact, if anyone fluent in French would like to fine-tune any of the translated text for the final archive version, by all means do so -- we did the best we could, but we're sure there are better translators out there! The same photographs appear in both versions.

Remember, new installments will appear regularly, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Pour le chapitre quatre de la version française,

For Chapter Four of the English version,


Pour le chapitre trois de la version française,

For Chapter Three of the English version,


Pour le chapitre deux de la version française,

For Chapter Two of the English version,


To start at the beginning:

Chapitre une de la version française,

Chapter One of the English version,


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