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Castle of Desire

Welcome all to the Desire Web Page.. my apologies for the inconvience you have all been going through with the server for the talker and MUD being down. .. but we're back up and running on a new server for the time being, you can log onto the talker using 7900(talker) port 7903(MUD). Please pass the info around to others you know play the mud
The links below will take you to either the talker or the MUD. Thanks for your patience.. and keeping in touch best as ya can.

Shimmer & Honeybear

If you wish to telnet to the talker or MUD use these IP numbers
Castle of Desire .. talker.. telnet:// port 7900
Desire MUD .. MUD .. telnet:// port 7903

Or use the Links below
Shimmer's email :

Castle Of Desire

Castle of Desire
Desire MUD