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~An Eye Cry For You Page~

~By Pixie~

To Mom With Love From Louise

Do you know Mom I love you and miss you so very much.
I miss your smiling face, I miss your gentle touch.
I know it's hard for you Mom without having me there.
But I brought your love to Heaven and Mom it's always here.

I awake with the dawn here in this lovely place.
I see you Mom each morning, I've memorized your face.
I feel your love surround me, it hasn't gone away.
The bond between us Mom still remains strong today.

Come out of the shadows Mom and make a brand new start.
No matter where I am, you're always in my heart.
I love you Mom and promise that is forever more.
I'll see you again some day Mom, as you knock at Heaven's door.

Love Forever & A Day:Your Daughter: Louise

Dear Mom: You Are Being

As You Read These Words

Pixie's Place 2001

Marlene Fay Porter