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~An Eye Cry For You Page~

~By Pixie~

It's Angel Louise's 21st Birthday!

Dear Rosemary: My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Happy 21st birthday to your sweet Angel Louise.
Take care and God bless you always.
Love: Marlene
June 18, 2001

~In Memory of Louise with Love~

Today is angel Louise's 21st birthday.
And we send lots of love and faith her way.
We can't celebrate with her and that cuts like a knife.
But together we can celebrate an angel's life.

So many years have gone by, it seems so unreal.
It's hard to really say how all of us feel.
Louise was so precious, so kind and so dear.
And we'd give anything to have her here.

Let's rise up and celebrate Louise's special day.
Think good thoughts and send them on their way.
Light up a candle and cry if you please.
As you remember the birthday of precious Louise.

Happy 21st birthday Louise in Heaven above.
You are in our hearts and thoughts with much love.
We can almost see you smile and we all must confess.
That there has never been a more beautiful princess.

Lovingly Written by Marlene
May 29, 2001

We Are All Being

On Her 21st Birthday

Pixie's Place 2001

Marlene Fay Porter