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NEWS: This is the 10th official year that Marla Mania has been around. That's a long time. thank you to all of her dedicated fans. I apologize for the severe lack of updates as Marla has gotten married, Yay!!! She is now 28yrs old. Wow, how time flies.
There is a new fansite:
They will claim to be the first fansite. As you all know we had Marlavision in 1997 by John Addis and Marla's World by Tyler. Both sites have since vanished, we miss them greatly.
Please keep visiting. In the near future, I will be updating and remodeling this site to show the growth and taste of her fans. What would you like to see at Marla Mania,, Thank You!

Check Out Marla's Latest TV Talk Show Appearances!
The View On ABC 12/04/06 at 9am HST!
Megan Mullally Show on ABC 12/05/06 at 10am!

Marla Sokoloff Stars In Her Own Sitcom: Big Day!!! Premiere's Tonight 11/28/06 at 8pm HST on ABC.

For more info check out: Big Day @

Feb 21, 2006: Marla's CD is Out, Marla's Music
Has More Info. Also, Check Out Her, Gigs Section.
Feb. 25th She'll Be Playing A Charity Event.

Marla Mania is working on a FREE point-n-click Marla game, Click Here

MARLA'S PRE-RECORD PARTY AT....The Mint in LA! ON Jan. 28, 2006
Get The 411 through: Marla's Music or Myspace Marla Sokoloff

Marla Sokoloff Stars in....
Christmas In Boston Homepage

Brand New Marla Site....Marla's Music
Marla Tunes Listen Here

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