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"LuvKitty"s Castle!
Welcome to year 2001* may you have a bright new year* We have a new Kitty at the Castle.His name is Mack. You will meet him thru out the Castle as time goes on.. He is a 4 year old Flat face persian.. Yes thats him on the background with the sqishy noze. haha..Shhh we dont want to hurt Macks feelings.. *

Welcome to our index page.
Were so glad you stoped in to say Mew!We will try and make your visit here furry fun fur you...Just click on links below and yur off! Wait! besure and refresh yur browsers if youve been here before so you dont miss out on any new stuff..

The LuvKitty's
coming soon 1.LuvKittys,Giving Kitty a bath the easy way! 2.Coming soon
3.Coming soon. 4.LuvKittys Adopted Kittys! 5.LuvKittys awards furr you!
6.LuvKittys Cheech 7.LuvKittys Chester. 8. Our Claw page.
9.Clubs we belong too. 10.Cute Kittys Facts. 11.Important Facts about Fleas.
12.Mouse Hall* 13.LuvKittys sapports the Homeless. 14.LuvKittys Rainbow Bridge.
15.LuvKittys Meomie Want to meet her? 16.Cheechs Outrageous Orange Page. 17.Puffers furry own Page.
18.Kittys who luv Computers. 19.Closed Rings 1. 20.Closed Webrings 2.
21.Closed WebRings 3. 22.Facts about Ticks and yur Kitty. 23.Tips furr taming wild Kittys.
24.Kitty Cartoons,so cute.. 25.NicolasCage's Award's fur you! 26.LuvKittys Furship page.
27.LuvKittys Prince and Princess Hall of Fame* 28. Coming soon 29. AlleyCat "AL"
30.Coming soon! 31. Big ValintiesDay Bash! Febuary14th! 32.Come visit NicolasCage!
34.Comingsoon! 35.Valintines Day at da Castle..
36. Coming soon! 37.Coming soon 38.Puffers BufdayParty!
39.Coming soon! 40.Nicolascage! Lake Applet* 41.AlleyCat Al* Lake Applet*
42.Cheech,s* Lake Applet* 43.Baby Mushmouse Applet* 44.Cat Anatomy*
45.Rulez fur runninz mew Castle* 46.LuvKittys Awards we won. 47.LuvKittys Awards we won 2.
48.awards we won 3. 49.*New*Spring at da Castle! 50.*New* Easter at da castle*
51.Coming soon 52.LuvKittys Human Family! 53.Coming soon
54.*NEW* Nic's Globe's* 55.Coming soon 56.Coming soon
57.Nic's awards fur you! 58.*NEW*Pepe Pooh's Purrday Surprize* Applet* 59.*NEW*Castle Garden*
60.*NEW*Mouse Castle* 61.*NEW*Meomie's Day at da Castle* 62.*NEW*April,May Projects,Psp Giuld*
63.*NEW* LuvKitty's Virtual Pets clothing Emporium Now Open* 64.4th of July at LuvKitty's* 65.Coming soon*
66.In memory of Studley* 67.*Pink Catillac Webring 68.*New* Furiends Links*
69.Halloween 2000* 70.Coming soon 71.LuvKittys Christmas party 2000
72.LittleMans Doggie Christmas Party 2000 73.Christmas wishes for you! 74.Puffers Purrscout room*
75.Coming soon 76.*NEW* LuvKitty's Virtual Pets clothing Emporium Now Open* Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon

This is a animation done by Lucy, Its NicolasCage*
Heres a link to Lucys.She is very talented.Lucys animations*

Oh we just are thrilled we luff dis award it is so purritty!

Click on da baszballz to join*

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