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Astrology Rising Chart Services

Astrology Rising Chart Services Welcome! Astrology Rising is proud to offer astrology charts of the highest quality delivered right to your email box. Now you can have the luxury of professional astrologers at your finger tips and pay a LOT less than to have it printed by someone else. In addition to low rates we offer many options.
You can choose the standard natal chart if you are just learning or if you're a bit advanced we can provide you with many choices when it comes to chart type, wheel and house systems, asteroids, transits, progressions, returns and relationship charts. We also offer Vedic & Relocation charts.
In order to keep our rates low, we ask that you use Pay Pal to pay our nominal fee (see price list below). If you are not already set up to use Pay Pal click here .
Please fill out the order form completely and double check all information, including email address & birth data. Your charts will be emailed upon receipt of payment. Please note that you will just receive a chart wheel, not an interpretation. If you'd like to have an astrological reading click here.
Thank you for your patronage and if you have any questions please email

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Pricing Guide
Standard Natal Chart $1.00
Transit Charts $2.00
Return Charts $2.00
Relationship Charts & Synastry Grids $3.00
Progressed Charts $2.00
Relocation Charts $2.00
Relocation Maps $4.00
Bi-Wheels $2.00
Tri-Wheels $3.00
Heliocentric, 360 Degree & Euro Wheels $2.00
Harmonic, Draconic, Geodetic Charts $2.00

Please Note***Ordering your charts and checking out are two different steps. After submitting your order you'll be taken to a page where you can link to Pay Pal to pay securely on line.

Order Form

Name Email Birth date Birth time Birth place Transit Dates Current Residence Area(s)for transits &/or relocated charts/maps Second person for relationship charts: Name Birth date Birth time Birth place Location of relationship Third person for relationship charts: Name Birth date Birth time Birth place Location of relationship Please check the following boxes to indicate the type of chart you want: Natal Chart Transit Chart Progressed Chart Return Charts: Solar Lunar Saturn Relocation Chart Composite Chart Synastry Grid Harmonic Chart Draconic Chart Geodetic Chart Heliocentric Wheel Euro Wheel 360 degree Wheel Bi-Wheel Tri-Wheel Aries Wheel Please check one of the following buttons to indicate the house system you would like to use: Placidus (default) Aries Ampanus Porphyry Regiomontanus Equal Meridian Morinus Sign = House Solar Sripati Topocentric Vedic Equal
Do you want to use the Tropical (default) OR Sidereal zodiac Your questions & comments are always welcome. Please let us know how you found Astrology Rising.