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Destiny is the conscious direction of one's life energy and the subsequent elevation of ones character.

Alan Oken


It is my desire to see people using astrology in their everyday lives, as I believe that this cosmic science is truly a gift from the Universe. By understanding the energies that surround us we are better able to understand ourselves and our place in the Universe. By providing astrological guidance through classes and consultations I strive to empower and enlighten.


With over fifteen years experience I combine standard astrological techniques with intuition to bring you a reading that is given with an open heart and mind. I offer in-person and phone consultation for a nominal fee of $35 an hour.

Natal Charts


Relationship Charts


Event & Business Planning

All readings are recorded on CD for your convenience and include up to three charts, keywords, glossary and a free follow up session. I have a flexible schedule, please call for an appointment, 541.337.1192 or email

Natal Charts~ Using the time, date and location of your birth, a natal chart is generated showing the location of the planets within the zodiac at that specific moment. Each planet influences us in unique ways, and a natal chart is simply a means of the energies that were present when you took your first breath. Natal Charts are wonderful guides through all of life's challenges.

Composite/Relationship Charts~ A composite chart is derived from two (or more) chart's mid-points. Composite charts show how the individual's energy combines and what it creates together. This reading can be done with or without your partner. It is useful in any type of relationship (family, friends, business).

Transits~ A transit reading is a look into where the planets are placed at present in accordance to your natal and/or progressed chart. Transit readings are a wonderful way to plan vacations, celebrations or any major time in your life. Transit readings can give you direction and focus, as well as a sense of where you have been by looking at past transits.

Progressions ~ By using what is called "A day for a year" method, progressed charts show how you have evolved through your life. These types of readings are best for understanding the cycles in your life and how to use them in the future.


Classes are held when there are a minimum of 3 students to attend! If you'd like to take a six week course in basic astrology in the Eugene area, please let me know!


Other Services...

I am available for discussion groups and parties. Please see my regular astrology column in Flowstone.


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